The Burning Black: Legend of Black Shuck

Category: Graphic Novels
Location: Saskatoon, Canada
Goal Date: August 31, 2018
Currently Funded (At Time of Writing): $343 of  $4500
Campaign Type: All or Nothing

The Burning Black: Legend of Black Shuck is a graphic novel based on a folktale from the UK. The story tells of a giant hellhound that burst into a  Suffolk Church in 1577 during a terrible storm. As people were praying their town of timber and thatch wouldn’t burn down due to a lightning strike, a giant black hound supposedly appeared and kills everyone. The church steeple collapsed and left scorched scratch marks on the door as it left. It may have been a simple lightning strike but as people are wont to do, the story morphed like a massive game of telephone, rumours abounded, and was given a supernatural flair.

This isn’t the first time the tale of Black Shuck has been told. But unlike previous tellings of the Beast of Suffolk, Mark Allard-Will, Ryan Howe, and Elaine Will hope to tell a horror story set against a backdrop of England’s history of pagan and Christian conflict rather than a retelling of professed sightings and events. A story worthy of one of Britain’s most legendary mythical creatures.

From the Campaign:

“Beginning in the long and hard-fought battle for supremacy over Britain’s shores between the pagan Vikings and the devotedly Christian Saxons of the late 800s and ending in the Tudor-era of 1577, Mark’s reimagining of the story of Black Shuck will take you on a journey from the Horrors of War to the echoes of a simpler past, all set to the backdrop of a Beast that has come to define storytelling in rural England and around the English-speaking World.”Recommendation:

This checks off all of my top genres: Horror, folklore, Canadiana, and historical fiction. A tale about a satanic dog in 1577 which has been influenced by pagan culture and beliefs is right up my alley. And all of the creators involved in this book are Canadian residents, so while the book is set and based on British folklore this will be a great piece of Canadiana.

A good sign that this book is worth backing is that the creators already have a publisher lined up for printing and distribution once production of the book is complete. If they reach their stretch goal, the creators will include 10 pages of “Behind the Scenes” bonus material including the research, writing process, and concept art. I’m only interested in the book for $20, but backing at the $200 level would put 2 backers into the story along with a copy of the graphic novel.

The Creative Team:

Writer: Mark Allard-Will
Artist: Ryan Howe
Colourist & Letterer: Elaine M. Will

For more details on the project and rewards, head to the The Burning Black: Legend of Black Shuck Kickstarter page.

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