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Location: Saskatoon, Canada
Goal Date:  September 15, 2019
Currently Funded: $1618 of $2750 as of 8/15/19
Campaign Type: All or Nothing


Siegfried: Dragon Slayer is a graphic novel adaptation of the legend of Sigurd and the Dragon from the Saga of the Volsungs. This was one of the stories that inspired J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and Richard Wagner’s Der Ring das Nibelung.

Dragon Slayer is a coming-of-age story where a young boy has to live up to his family legacy and free Denmark from a dragon. The purpose of this graphic novel is to preserve the legends for future generations and make it more accessible for all readers.


“Game of Thrones meets The Hobbit in a re-imagining of Norse mythology, coffee-painted.”

Siegfried: Dragon Slayer is not just an adaptation of the original Norse saga; it’s a graphic novel re-imagining of the source material, while still being as faithful as possible to the flow, theme, and beats of the original. Re-invented as a modern three-act story, Siegfried: Dragon Slayer will read with the film-like intensity of a blockbuster movie.


Mark Allard-Will is a British-born Canadian writer known for several indie screenplays and several graphic novels — including Burning Black: The Legend of Black Shuck.

Jasmine Redford is a Canadian artist and graduate from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design and a post-graduate of English at the University of Saskatchewan.

Elaine M. Will is a critically-acclaimed graphic novelist whose work includes Look Straight Ahead and Dust Ship Glory.


I have to recommend the $20 Level. You get a hard copy of Siegfried: Dragon Slayer, and that’s kind of what this is all about! This campaign has pretty minimal rewards, and I’m not overly crazy about the t-shirt design. So unless you want to check out Mark’s other book, this is the level for you.


$13: Digital Edition – Digital copy of the book
$20: Grab a Copy – Physical copy of the book
$35: Flashback Pack – Physical copy of the book and The Burning Black: Legend of Black Shuck
$50: T-shirt and Book Combo – T-shirt and a physical copy of the Book.
$50: Retailer Pack – Five Pack – Five copies of the book
$100: Retailer Pack – Ten Pack – Ten copies of the book

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