Centrala 2050 Vol. 1

Category: Comics/Graphic Novels
Creator: Michelle Stanford
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Goal Date: November 14th 2017
Currently Funded (At Time of Writing): $618 of $3,600
Campaign Type: All or Nothing

Centralia 2050 Vol. 1 is the culmination of years of work by writer and illustrator Michelle Stanford. Since early 2015, Stanford has been posting a page per week of her cyberpunk mystery on Centralia2050.com, with few breaks or weeks off. The result is a sprawling epic of speculative fiction, world-building, and patient, genuine character development. When this campaign reaches its goal, the results will finally be collected into print.

Centralia is a near-future city steeped in mystery and misdirection. It combines the joy of sci-fi technology and urban planning with the ambiguity and magical realism of cyberpunk. In it, the protagonist, Midori, awakes with a form of amnesia and a single-minded fixation on a mysterious voice calling for help in her mind and her memories. She’s grounded by her new friend, Grey, who helps her to navigate the city — with its surveillance robots, unspoken laws, and grand conspiracies. It raises questions that are becoming more relevant everyday as our world moves forward into the future, but I won’t list any here for fear of spoilers.

Last week, I wrote a review of Centralia 2050 Vol. 1 after Stanford sent an advance copy of the high quality PDF version to Rogues Portal. On the Kickstarter page, this reward is a mere $5 — an easy commitment for fans of comics, speculative fiction, cyberpunk, mystery, or any combination thereof. There’s a number of awesome rewards tiers, including a print version of the book for $20, but for a limited time only, Stanford is offering both print and digital copies of the book, along with a set of stickers and set of pins for only $15. This is an early bird special, and as of now there are only six of these left, so get it now while you can! Stanford is kind enough to sign any print copy of the book at any tier.

Our recommendation: Go for the $35 INSIDER level. This will earn you a signed print copy of Centralia 2050 Vol. 1, as well as a high-quality PDF, a set of stickers, pins, and a Centralia bookmark. It’s the perfect way to get all the goodies associated with the series, support a hard-working creator, and flaunt your fandom! Estimated delivery for all rewards is January 2018, and they ship anywhere in the world.

Rewards Tiers:

  • $5 – High-resolution Vol. 1 Digital PDF
  • $10 – High-resolution Vol. 1 Digital PDF, Three 8×10” Illustration Prints, Set of Stickers, and a Bookmark
  • $15 – High-resolution Vol. 1 Digital PDF, Centralia 2050 Vol. 1 (Signed,) Set of Stickers, and a Set of Pins
  • $20 – High-resolution Vol. 1 Digital PDF and Centralia 2050 Vol. 1 (Signed)
  • $35 – High-resolution Vol. 1 Digital PDF, Centralia 2050 Vol. 1 (Signed,) Set of Stickers, Set of Pins, and a Bookmark
  • $60 – High-resolution Vol. 1 Digital PDF, Centralia 2050 Vol. 1 (Signed,) Three 8×10” Illustration Prints, Original 6×4” Illustration, Set of Stickers, Set of Pins, and a Bookmark

For more information, check out the Centralia 2050 Vol. 1 Kickstarter page, and Centralia2050.com. Keep up with Michelle Stanford on social media.

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