BrokenBroken is a video game inspired comic, featuring a boy and his fighter Erin trying to prove to the world that hard work and determination can make your dreams come true!

In the future, the world’s most popular video game is Scrap Battle. An integrated reality game, that features visors that allow a player to see their character in front of them, as if they exist in the real world. The player can talk to their character, train their character, and win with their character, by going out and battling other players.

The story’s main character Patrick loves playing this game, and thoroughly believes that with hard work and determination, you can succeed at this game and in life. However, one day some bullies come along and break his favorite character. He’s too poor to buy another one, and Patrick is left hopeless. Until, Patrick’s next-door neighbor gives him a character he found in the trash, a Princess character named Erin. At first, Patrick doesn’t want to play with Erin, because she’s a princess, she seems weak, and she has a losing history, but little does he know, Erin is a secret character with many hidden abilities that make her “Broken.”

Broken’s story structure is influenced by Shōnen Manga and television series like, Avatar: The Last Air Bender, in that it is meant to be an all ages story that can relate to different generations.

BrokenWhat Makes This Book Cool?

  1. The comic is already done! Unlike other Kickstarters, where you have to wait for the story to finish being drawn or written, Broken is complete! All 28 pages are ready to be shared with the world
  2. This book will be printed in prestige format, like a mini graphic novel. So, there’ll be no bending of the cover during shipping, and it can sit nicely on your shelf
  3. The book is a fusion of Smash Bros and Pokémon! Showcasing the best of what people love about those games, while also having an awesome story in comic format
  4. It’s an homage to Anime & Manga! In the spirit of series like My Hero Academia, Medabots, Naruto, Card Captor Sakura and others, Broken aims to take the fun story telling style of Japanese Manga and apply it to American comic books
  5. BrokenThe ART WORK IS AMAZING! Jose Garcia is a professional comic book artist that has done covers for books like Bravest Warriors for BOOM! Studios. He is also an avid video game fan, and he’s taken that love and put it into every panel of Broken
  6. The COLORS! Paola is huge fan of shows like Steven Universe and games like Pokémon. She’s used those influences to create a beautiful color palette for the world of Broken  
  7. We’re not the only ones who think this book is great! We’ve been reviewed and received some cool praise from comic book websites! (Including the one you’re already on! Check out the review HERE)
  8. At the Star Fox level and above, you get two books for the price of one! You’ll also get to read the first issue of the ongoing series Elvish, which was also created by Johnny Parker II

Kickstarter Rewards

The Kickstarter reward levels for Broken go from $1 for a personal thank you, $5 for a digital copy of Broken #1, $10 for a printed version of Broken #1, all the way up to $500 where you’ll get all the tiers below it and you’ll become a villain in the upcoming issue of Broken.

Check out Broken’s Kickstarter for the next 25 days!

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