Seatbelts, Everyone! It’s been awhile since Magic School Bus has graced our screens. The wonderful show about a group of students travelling and learning with their magical teacher in a magic school bus has captured our hearts in more ways than one. Personally, I’ve learned a lot from Magic School Bus. Between that, Schoolhouse Rock and Arthur, they’re still my top three children shows that I continue to watch well into my adulthood.

Netflix announced awhile ago that a reboot was in the works, awesomely called, Magic School Bus Rides Again, and everyone couldn’t be more than excited. First of all, Netflix has been KILLING it with reimaginings of shows, but this is a great show that people don’t mind getting rebooted. So, they’ve announcement who will helm a leading role and… *drum rolls please*

Kate McKinnon will voice, the one and only, the most wonderful teacher alive, Ms. Frizzle aka “The Frizz”.

This is one of the coolest things not only because McKinnon is hilarious, but she’s almost overly perfect for the job. Ms. Frizzle was previously voiced by Lily Tomlin. Kate being cast as Ms. Frizzle shows that the show is going in a totally dope direction that is only gonna get cooler. You’re almost guaranteed not to have a normal field trip. Arnold, you definitely should have stayed home today. This show is going to rock.

This announcement is making me think of who’s going to voice the kids and who’s going to do the theme song. In the meantime and in celebration, let’s all jam out to the theme song until another announcement is made.

Insha Fitzpatrick
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