Jamie Chung is getting the best that DCU and MCU has to offer. Jamie has been cast as Blink in the upcoming X-Men series on Fox, by creator Matt Nix. The first episode will be directed by the X-Men director himself Bryan Singer.

The actress, who has played Valerie Vale in Gotham and Mulan in Once Upon A Time, will be playing Clarice Fong, who possesses the power of teleportation and can focus her powers into energy blades. Blink was recently in the movie Days of Future Past with actress Fan Bingbing playing the role.

The new X-Men show is still a bit of a mystery without a title, but the plot is pretty cool. It focuses on ordinary parents who come to find out that they have mutant children and they have to go into hiding so the government won’t keep on their tails.

It will be interesting to see Blink in full action and getting to know more about her on our television screens!

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