Linc Hand // Photo by Lesley Bryce
Linc Hand // Photo by Lesley Bryce
Linc Hand // Photo by Lesley Bryce

Actor Linc Hand featured in the pilot of Fox’s new paranormal comedy series, Ghosted, starring Craig Robinson (The Office) and Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation). We caught up with him via email to talk about the show, the paranormal, Halloween traditions, and his upcoming projects.

Rogues Portal: Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for Rogues Portal, Linc! We’re excited about Ghosted — which has already made us laugh out loud. Can you tell us a little bit about the series and about your role as Agent Kurt Checker?

Linc Hand: It’s my pleasure, thank you. I’m so glad you are liking the show. Agent Checker is the James Bond of the agency underground. His life work is the paranormal. The series will take on different monsters or stories every week but there is an overall mythology to the show.

RP: Ghosted and your role on the series are pretty far flung from your most well-known role, Kurt Renner from Revenge. How does the tone of a series affect life on-set? Does it change your process for approaching a role?

LH: The set is such a fun place. I know that’s a short answer but it’s just such a fun atmosphere and everyone is just so cool. For me personally, it does not change my approach at all. I always try to come at anything from a place of truth, whether it’s a comedy or drama. 

RP: Do you have any personal feelings about paranormal activity?

LH: I believe in the paranormal big time. I have always been fascinated by those kinds of stories. Especially Bigfoot and Loch Ness [Monster]. My imagination runs wild with those stories. 

RP: We’re doing a massive, month-long Halloween event here on the site. Do you like Halloween? Are you a fan of dressing up, since you already kind of do that for a living?

LH: Haha I love me some Halloween and yes, big fan of dressing up.  It’s such a fun time of year. I’m a big kid anyway. So give me some candy and a costume, I’m there all day haha. I mean, who doesn’t love Halloween? The weather is great and there is candy!!!! 

RP: You’ve worked with some fairly big names, including Craig Robinson, Adam Scott, Daniel Radcliffe, and Adrian Grenier — what’s it like to work opposite these people? Do you have a “bucket list” of actors or creators you’d like to collaborate with?

LH: I have been very blessed to work with some amazing people. I love watching them work and seeing what everyone’s different process is. I for sure have a list and it’s so long, so I will just say three: Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep. Those three would be a dream come true.

RP: Is preparing for a lead role any different than preparing for a smaller one?

LH: The pressure is different for sure. When you are the lead, it goes without saying you have much more work to do because of the amount of lines and so forth, but I like to believe I put in the same amount of heart into everything I do. I believe that you should always give everything you have no matter what.  

RP: Are you an actor who does a ton of research going into a project? How do you get into character?

LH: I do some research, especially if there is something specific I need to know or do. I personally don’t go too crazy haha but you have to be comfortable with what you are doing. As far as getting into character, it helps me to find the reason why my character is saying what he is saying and then when I’m working on a character, then I will always say “I” instead of the character.

RP: When you’re not acting, what are you passionate about? Do these things ever translate into your work?

LH: I love the outdoors and the gym. They both are my therapy. I have a beautiful fiancé and a stunning Siberian husky that keep me busy all the other times haha. The gym translates often because there are many roles you need to be physically fit for. I grew up playing all sports as well, so I love anything sports related. 

RP: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

LH: Thank you for watching the show and thank you for the interview. Have a great week! 

To keep up with Linc Hand, follow him on TwitterGhosted airs Sundays on FOX.

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