Today, the comic world is changing. The face and shape of comics are changing shape. Most foundations of this industry were built in 1920; however, most of the events today are reshaping the industry significantly. For instance, today, comics are not just a source of entertainment. Most are also used for educational purpose as well especially when you hire a freelance grant writers for grant writer jobs.

Teachers have discovered that when they use them in class, students understand better and acquire knowledge faster. Before you pick up that first comic, it is essential that you learn its history and the events that led to their growth to what the industry is today. In fact, most of pop culture and movies today have been influenced by the introduction of comics to these industries. This article will show you the chronological order of events and tell you their short term and long term effects.


The materials known as comics today were in existence before the century began. However, the first comic book was produced in 1929 and was known as The Funnies. Even then, it was not like the ones that exist today. It was more like a newspaper supplement. It had no cover, unlike the format that is used today. Before then, most of them were printed inside newspapers and not sold separately. The Funnies, therefore, had a significant impact and became the guide that would be used by producers later as the oldest comic book. It was much like the first bulb was a guide to all bulbs produced today.

During this time, they were created from newspaper stripe and were not stand-alone books. Looking at them today, it is understandable how only a few of them have survived to date. Quality paper and infused them was not as great as people would have hoped.


This is considered a golden age for comics. It is when all the knowledge about comics as we know them were founded. There are several characteristics of books produced this time that can be seen today. For instance, A Carnival of Comics which was produced in 1933 resembles the comics found in markets today. It includes a lot of colors and has a cover. It also comes with numerous interior pages. It is unknown whether it was sold or given away. In 1934, another one was published. It had 68 pages and was sold for 10 cents. This was expensive considering that people made less than $25 each week. It sold only 180 copies and was considered fairly successful.

In 1935, New Fun Comics was published and gave birth to characters like the specter, doctor fate, Superboy and green arrow. It was a first DC comic and set a motion for how they are written and shaped today.

It is also between 1938 and 1939 that the two most popular comic characters, Batman and Superman, were created. When these two were created, comics changed utterly. They were not just for kids anymore. Families would follow their adventures in books and newspapers, an appeal that has not died to date. These two characters were game changers. They also created an avenue where writers would come up with superhero characters who wore tights and a cape.

As these genres grew, so did the number of publishing houses. Bigger companies absorbed smaller ones that were not so great in this business.


World war was terrible for all industries. However, in the comic industry, it had a few benefits. One of the short term effects of the war was the fact that most troops were stationed oversee. Therefore most would get these books as reading material while they were away. It was a form of escape for them, and the quality of the material was not as important as the connection to home the soldiers felt while reading them. On the downside, paper was in high demand, so these books were few in number and were expensive to produce. So soldiers would receive few copies that they would share among themselves.


Fast forward to 1990s, and it is easy for anyone to see that there were some decent and intriguing copies produced at that time. While there were some that were not great, it was easier to sieve through fluff. The 90s will be remembered for the creative renaissance.

2000s and beyond

There are some great milestones in the industry over the past couple of years. While there have been some missteps, there are great things that have been accomplished by companies like marvel such as the creation of Spider-Man. There are also numerous digital delivery systems for comics that have surged to popularity. They are perfect for jobs writers online for freelance grant writing. They are outdoing print. These comics today are also more popular among students as a means of education rather than as an entertainment tool. Evolution of this genre of books has come a long way and is still expected to grow more.

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