Oscar winning film Suicide Squad is the newest property to receive a musical send-up from fan parody series The Hillywood Show.

Using Lady Gaga’s “Judas” as a base, the video introduces us to Hilly Hindi’s Harley Quinn on the back of a motorcycle before reinterpreting many of the iconic images from the film in musical form. Erika Moul provides an on-point Gaga performance of the new song with original lyrics about Quinn taking down her “king with no frown”.

The leap in quality that The Hillywood Show has taken in recent years is staggering, going from admittedly-impressive fan parodies to officially sanctioned and highly funded productions. It’s a testament to director Hannah Hindi’s skill as a director that she’s been able to continue directing these videos herself. Even as the expectations for each production rise, this team continues to outdo itself. Suicide Squad Parody captures the aesthetics of the film perfectly and includes some gorgeous shots such as Harley Quinn falling backwards in slow motion into the vat of acid.

The music video also wins my heart for including a scene with Hilly Hindi as Harley Quinn in her classic red and black full-body costume in an homage to the iconic Alex Ross image. While characters such as Killer Croc, Katana, El Diablo, and Deadshot are unfortunately only featured as back up dancers, the video’s focus is part of its strength and it’s admittedly incredible how they’re all STILL THERE in all their grungy glory. It took an Oscar-winning make-up team to pull that off in the original film.

Fans of the production can also check out a Behind the Scenes featurette and Video Diary from the shooting of the film. The incredible fan-filmmakers are also funded by Patreon where fans can pledge their financial support towards future parody videos.

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