Harvey Relief

Tropical Storm Harvey hit Houston earlier this week, and it has put a lot of people at risk. Floods have caused homes to be inaccessible in addition to displacing thousands of people. Games Done Quick is running a special charity event this weekend, Harvey Relief Done Quick (#HRDQ). Proceeds go to the Houston Food Bank.

You can watch Harvey Relief Done Quick on Twitch; if you can’t catch it live, Games Done Quick post all speedruns within a couple days of their completion on their YouTube channel.

You can donate here, while voting for various goals throughout the week. Just like previous events, Games Done Quick has partnered with The Yetee and FanGamer to sell merchandise such as special edition t-shirts, keychains, posters and more. A portion of each sale is also donated to the Houston Food Bank.

Here’s the entire schedule for the event. All times are in EST.

Start Time (Eastern) Game Runner Est. Completion Time (H:MM:SS) Run Qualification
8:00 PM Mega Man X Walrus_Prime 0:40:00 Any%
8:45 PM Mega Man X4 8bitisgr8 0:42:00 Zero Any%
9:32 PM Jak 3 goofy358 0:25:00 NG+
10:02 PM Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy Roach788 1:04:00 Crash Warped Any%
11:11 PM Prey (2017) CreeperHntr 0:15:00 Any%
11:31 PM El Matador DrTChops 0:25:00 Any%
12:01 AM Blaster Master Zero Skavenger216 0:47:00 Any%
12:53 AM Super Mario Galaxy 2 SuperViperT302 3:15:00 Any%
4:13 AM inFAMOUS First Light EmeraldAly 1:25:00 Any%
5:43 AM I wanna Run the Marathon BBF 0:40:00 Any%
6:28 AM Densha De D: Lightning Stage Konasumi, Lordmau5 0:30:00 Any% Race
7:08 AM Rockman & Forte (Megaman & Bass) Joka 0:45:00 Rockman Any%
7:58 AM Super Time Force Ultra Tohloo 0:34:00 All Missions
8:37 AM FEZ TGH 1:05:00 All Golden Cubes
9:47 AM Super Lovely Planet sigma 0:15:00 All Levels
10:07 AM TAIKER halfcoordinated 0:25:00 Any% One-Handed
10:37 AM Ori and the Blind Forest Vulajin, Terra 0:45:00 All Skills No OOB Race
11:32 AM Bastion IanSynth 0:48:00 NG All Story Levels
11:25 AM Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow _VB 0:40:00 Glitchless Any%
1:10 PM Sonic Advance Kirbymastah 0:30:00 Any%
1:45 PM Donkey Kong Country 2 Kanis999 0:45:00 Any%
2:35 PM Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! Summoningsalt 0:22:00 Any%
3:02 PM Battletoads TheMexican 0:30:00 Any% Warpless
3:37 PM Battletoads dwangoAC 0:11:04 TAS 2P Warps
3:53 PM Super Monkey Ball 2 dwangoAC 0:14:23 TAS Any%
4:13 PM Undertale SnowieY101, cookiepocalypse 1:00:00 Neutral Ending Race
5:23 PM Metal Gear Solid plywood 0:50:00 any% large skips
6:18 PM Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy CovertMuffin 0:36:00 Any%
6:59 PM Portal 097Aceofspades 0:20:00 Glitchless
7:24 PM Half-Life: Opposing Force alexh0we 0:30:00 Any% Scriptless
7:59 PM DOOM heny 0:50:00 Any%
8:54 PM The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Loloup 2:20:00 All Dungeons + Ganon
11:19 PM Chrono Trigger puwexil 6:00:00 Glitchless 100%
5:24 AM Resident Evil (PS1) vs Resident Evil 2 Carcinogen 1:15:00 something
6:44 AM Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts NME 0:50:00 Any%
7:39 AM Wario Land 4 Mr_Shasta 0:55:00 Normal Any% Zipless
8:39 AM The End is Nigh OddBod 0:50:00 Any%
9:34 AM Viewtiful Joe tminator64 0:45:00 Any% Kids Difficulty
10:24 AM Dishonored DrTChops 0:50:00 All Collectibles
11:19 AM The Legend of Zelda Cantaloupeme 0:34:00 Any% No Up+A
11:58 AM The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Andy, ChristosOwen 2:00:00 Normal Difficulty, Swordless vs Open Randomiser Race
2:08 PM Super Mario Wrold 2: Yoshi’s Island Claco2, Kolthor_TheBarbarian 1:55:00 Any% Warpless Race
4:13 PM Mario Kart 64 abney317 0:35:00 150cc All Cups
4:53 PM Super Metroid oatsngoats, WildAnaconda69 1:30:00 100% Map Race
6:33 PM Final Fantasy IV riversmccown 3:20:00 Any% no 64
10:03 PM FINALE! Everyone still awake
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