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By now you guys may have guessed that I love, love, LOVE a good horror film, and for this Halloween I have decided that I will be watching a horror movie a night! That’s right folks, I’m going big with a Halloween Horror Fest! With so many amazing Horror films to choose from and from so many countries, I’m slightly spoiled for choice. Of course I will be certainly watching some good ol’ Asian horror and they’ve brought out some cracking horrors from Spain but which ones stand out as the best? Here I bring to you some of the best 31 horrors films that I will be watching throughout Halloween. Some you may have heard of some you may not but all of them are top quality horror films.

Side note: Rogues Portal editors Amelia and Billy are also doing 31 Spooky Nights of horror! Individual reviews are going up day by day, so check them out!

Day 1 – The Maid
I’m going to start my month off by watching a horror that I’ve never seen before. A film originating from Singapore. The story is set during the lunar seventh month, during this time the Chinese believe that the gates of Hell are opened, and evil spirits and ghosts wander among the living, seeking their revenge, which is what 18 year old Rosa Dimaano learns when she arrives in Singapore to work as a maid for Mr and Mrs Teo. Her employers advise her about their beliefs which she ignores, and of course all Hell breaks looks (ignore the awful awful pun). The trailer doesn’t give that much away so I’m excited to see it!

Day 2 – What We Do in the Shadows
Even though this isn’t scary or jumpy in any way, it has smexxy vampires in it so it’s Halloween related. This is one of my favourite films to ever come out of New Zealand (there are a few more which I cannot wait to show you!). The film is about a documentary team that follows a group of vampires who live in a house in Wellington. This film is created by Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) and Taika Waititi, both of whom star in the film. It’s completely hilarious

Day 3 – Rec 1+ 2
Day 3 is a double whammy!! Can’t watch Rec without watching the sequel straight away, even if the sequel is…well…a bit far fetched or slightly more far fetched than it needs to be. This Spanish zombie piece is a slow burner but the ending makes up for all of it. It’s quite a stressful watch as there is A LOT of shouting. The story follows reporter Angela Vidal and her cameraman Pablo who are covering a night shift at their local fire station. They receive a call about an old woman, who is trapped in her apartment and screaming. Angela and Pablo (who is constantly behind the camera you never see him), accompany the fire fighters but soon wished they hadn’t as the police and military seal them inside.


Day 4 – Dark Water
This film is just….so creepy. Dark Water is set in Japan and directed Hideo Nakata, you may know him as the guy behind the scares of Ringu. Dark Water is about a mother who wins a custody battle for her daughter and plans on starting fresh. She begins by getting her and her little one a new apartment which seems fine at first but creepy things start to take place. Water appears everywhere as well as a child’s red bag appearing in random places. Soon a young child starts appearing and situations become more intense…Yoshimi must find out what’s happening before her little daughter’s life becomes in danger.

Day 5 – Shaun of the Dead
The Zombie film torch is being passed through to day 5 with what we can all describe as one of the best zombie films going: Shaun of the Dead. From the genius mind of Simon Pegg, Shaun of the Dead is about a 30 something loser (Pegg) with an easy but repetitive life. He lives with his lazy best friend Ed. His girlfriend is finally done with his sluggish ways and he ends up heartbroken, however, once the streets of London are overrun with zombies, Shaun rises to the occasion to try to protect his girlfriend, his mother, and his girlfriend’s best mates. This film is absolute scream and a classic Simon and Nick British comedy piece. It’s one of my housemates favourites and definitely worth a watch!

Day 6: The Eye
This is part 1 of 3 from power-duo Danny Pang and Oxide Chun Pang. The Eye has an American remake if you’re not fan of subtitle reading, however I should mention it isn’t have as good. This film has so many plot twists but none are boring. You’re watching it for the jumps but more for the ride. The plot centres around Wong Kar Mun who has been blind for 18 years. She regains her vision when she undergoes a cornea transplant. It’s a success until Mun’s elation dissipates when she begins experiencing ghostly encounters. She teams up with psychologist Dr. Wah to find out why she’s seeing ghosts. When Mun and Wah travel to her cornea donor’s hometown, her symptoms become worse.

Day 7: Mama
I fancy ending my week on a scary and jumpy note, and what better film to get you shrieking and hiding behind the pillow than Mama? Directed by Andy Muschietti, Mama starts with our two little characters Lilly and Victoria who vanish in the woods which prompts a frantic search by their Uncle Lucas and his girlfriend Annabel. 5 years later and the girls are miraculously found in a decaying cabin, and Lucas and Annabel welcome them into their new home, but while Annabel is trying her hardest to reintroduce the children to a normal life, she finds someone doesn’t want her to tuck them in at night. The way our main female is portrayed is excellent with so much character development. And it’s terrifying


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