bloody-donutsThe episode picks up right where it left off: with Audrey in Agent Cooper’s bed. This episode is where I start feeling for Audrey and see her character as a lost girl looking for someone to love her. She’s just witnessed her shit heel dad involved in an affair and in a plot to destroy the mill, ruining Josie.

To Agent Cooper’s credit, he diffuses the situation and turns down Audrey in the best way possible. I’m relieved as the relationship felt like it was building to a very creepy point.

Fun fact: this episode is directed by Caleb Deschanel. If that names sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because you’re familiar with his daughters, Zooey and Emily. Of course, Caleb and Mary Jo, his wife have also made their names in Hollywood too so you may be familiar with them already or whatever but yeah! FACTS! SCIENCE! LEARNING!

I’m going to swap over to point form observations from here on out to keep my thoughts in order…

1) I find it hard to believe that a man (Bobby) trying to keep a secret affair secret would strut up to the house of the person he’s having an affair with SHOUTING the name of the woman. Then again, Bobby is an idiot.
2) I wish Shelly had shot Leo more? Better? Basically I wish he wasn’t lurking outside in a truck.
3) Laura was a real asshole. I know teenagers are all about their sexuality (HORMONES!!!!) but dang. Related: what exactly do Donna and James think they’re uncovering?
4) the manager of Horne’s Department Store is a real creep… like, he’s a recruit for One Eyed Jacks? What an absolute dredge. Audrey is doing a way better job of investigating Laura’s murder than anyone else. Get it, girl!
5) Lorna’s husband is the worst. This seems to be a trend with a lot of the characters in this show but it stands. Worst.
6) Good lord why is Ed’s suit so shiny?
7) Omg is Agent Cooper and co. about to get to One Eyed Jacks? Ahhhhhhh, GET TO THE BOTTOM OF ALL DIS!
8) A MURDER HAS HAPPENED. A BURDER. WHO WOULD SHOOT POOR WALDO (shh we know that Leo did it)? THIS SHOW IS INSANITY. Jokes on you, Leo. The bird already talked… ha!
9) Why does Bob look like a porn star? Why did my phone try to capitalize the s in star? We just don’t know.
10) Audrey’s uncle is so super gross. A LOT of the men in Twin Peaks are super gross, to be honest. Creepy, skeevy, and full of gross intent. I super dislike him.
11) Audrey, what chu doing getting yourself hired at One Eyed Jacks. You’re in too deep, girl! TOO DEEP! Don’t you dare make a “That’s what she said!” joke.
12) Can we please smack the gross red and blue old school 3D esque glasses off of Jacoby’s smug, gross face?
13) What is James and Donna’s end game here with Maddy dressing up as Laura? Bobby’s clearly gonna fuck some shit up by being a dick… what’s his deal? Who wronged you, Bobby?

I guess it’s looking like James is going to wind back up in police custody, thanks to Bobby. He’s just framing people left, right and centre. Little turd bucket. I’m not sure what I think Donna and James will uncover in Jacoby’s office… I feel like whatever it is will be real creepy though.

E8 will be up for your perusal tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Stephanie Cooke
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