Like a good chunk of the episodes so far, this one begins at the breakfast table at the hotel. Agent Cooper and Albert are having a discussion about the Laura Palmer case, Ronette, and who shot Agent Cooper.

WHO DID SHOOT HIM? He’s been so lovely to all of the townsfolk. I guess maybe the killer or someone who didn’t want him to get any closer to finding out the truth. DUN DUN DUN.

I’m probably going to get right to pointform notes since I want to stay on schedule with this episode per day.

-Who is this dude that’s looking for Josie? Why’s he watching Agent Cooper like a mother flipping hawk? What’s his deal?
-What does the whole Meals on Wheels thing possibly have to do with Laura’s death? Why has Donna decided to help out as a way of investigating? It seems like Audrey is doing a lot more for this whole case.
-On that note, who’s this old lady that we’ve never heard of before and the weird little boy in a tuxedo sitting on a chair?
-What. Is. Happening. Making creamed corn disappear isn’t magic.

I should’ve known this episode would be weirder than the others with Lynch himself at the helm. I mean, it’s ALL weird but still.

-Ronette, what up girl. Tell us who hurt you. Is what’s happening going supernatural? What’s up with the lights going out and Ronette’s fits? I have a lot of questions.
-The Horne Brothers are awful.
-Oh my god Log Lady. I can’t even begin to grasp what her deal is. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, LOG LADY? Log Lass would’ve been a great name for her too, as a sidebar. Although that sounds a bit more like her Pokémon trainer title, to be honest.
-I really just need Andy and Lucy to make up and love each other. They’re the heart of the show for me and I want them to get through their issues ASAP so they can go back to being adorable.
-Can Leo just did already? Poor Shelly needs to have him out of her life. What an absolute disaster. Justice is this dumb dumb being gone from her life forever.
-Oh man, Audrey’s dad knew all about Laura and what was going on. SHOCKERRRRRRR. Ok, not really. That guy is a real awful human. I don’t really get what that means as far as her murder goes though.
-I hate what Bobby is doing with Shelly. I get that he wants to make sure Shelly is taken care of and out Leo’s situation to good use but there’s NO WAY THAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG.

There’s a bit with Bobby’s dad and Agent Cooper and I’m going to have to admit that I didn’t understand the revelation that supposedly happened there. I know he’s delivering a message and it has something to do with who shot Agent Cooper but it all completely flew over my head. Maybe it’s getting too late and I’m too tired but blergh.

There’s this random musical number? James is performing a song with Maddy and Donna doing accompanying vocals. The moment here goes on for way too long (in my opinion) and all blows up when James makes gaga eyes at Maddy and causes Donna to get crazy kinds of jealous. Then a phone call comes in from one of the Meals on Wheels guys and while that’s going on, the incredibly creepy man comes at Maddy like whoa. He’s hopping over the table and coming towards her and I was genuinely weirded out by it. Apparently Cooper’s “The owls are not what they seem” moment relates to this creepy dude? He’s an owl? Ok.

And the episode closes with Audrey being caught by Blackie (which is a terrible name, by the way). DUN DUN DUN.

I’m pretty invested still but this is getting to the point where everyone says the show goes way off the rails (actually I think we’re past that…). I’m a little wary going forward but still trying to shut down my mind as I watch the episodes in an effort to just enjoy it.

E11 will be up tomorrow as I continue down the rabbit hole.

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