FELLOW JUSTICE SOCIETY SUPERFANS, REJOICE! Fresh off his tenure as DC Comics Chief Operating Officer, Johns announced his follow up television project. A series starring Courtney Whitmore AKA STARGIRL AKA THE HEART AND SOUL OF THE JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA.

Cover of JSA #81 by ALEX ROSS.

Standing as the fourth live-action series announced for the fledgling streaming service, the series will follow a teenage Cassie as she works with the Justice Society of America. She’ll take down villains and spread the hopeful message of the JSA while also balancing her life as a super-powered teen armed with her Cosmic Rod.

Johns will serve as writer and executive producer of the series alongside Sarah Schechter and CW-verse mastermind Greg Berlanti, which should excite most of the Supergirl stans we have out there. The news broke during the Geoff Johns spotlight panel at this year’s SDCC. The insanely busy writer also dropped hints about the upcoming “Three Jokers” event for DC’s new Black Label. He announces his new SHAZAM! book as well, which we all knew had to be coming at some point.

When asked about the announcement, Johns stated that the character was and will always be very close to his heart. He was excited about the importance of Courtney being a young hero with a rich legacy in the DCU and how important that is in this day and age.

In the words of former Starman Jack Knight, “She is going to be magnificent.


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