I haven’t showcased my Toy Photography portfolio in a very very long time. Truth of the matter is…well… I haven’t bought many toys or figurines in a while. Instead I’ve been busy going to events, pole dancing and socialising. Is this a sign that I’m growing up?!

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Anyway.. I’m going to put THAT scary thought out of my mind because even though I haven’t bought any recently, I have tons and tons and TONS of figurines I still haven’t opened from the past two years. The Toy Photography portfolio of 2018 is off to a solid start with these first batch of images I took of a figurine I bought during my trip to Tokyo.

I’m willing to admit to being a little mainstream and confess that I have no idea who this character is or what anime she is from, or even if she is from an anime. I found her on one of my little shopping spree in Akihabara and I fell in love with her colours. She was also cheap, tiny and she could fit in my rucksack.

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At this point my suitcase was already full of crap (that I still haven’t opened, it’s been nearly a year since I went there) but I wanted to bring home a figurine. Any figurine. This was the only one which didn’t tale up much space.

I decided to take the images outdoors and have some fun with them. It’s been such a long time since I’ve done any Toy Photography that I knew I would be slightly out of practice, so I wasn’t expected to take any masterpieces this time round.

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The lighting wasn’t great and the sun was dead against us (always take outdoor images with a cloudy skyline) but it was fun to take photos again. I was trying to have this Kawaii-pastel feel to the images. The figurines itself is super kawaii enough but not as pastelesque as I would like.

Final Critique: Not bad for someone who hasn’t done this properly in months. Snaps to you Rhian!! You can only get better from here.


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