I have another Geeky Diaries post for you toy lovers out there and this time I’m opening another Num Nom packet, this time from series 3!! A kids toy (judge all you like, they’re cute!!) Num Noms can be seen plastered all over Youtube!! You will find them lurking in many unboxing videos and being the mainstream geek girl as I am, I had to purchase one or two, which over a period of time has become a slight obsession for me.

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What are Num Noms?
The official description is that “Nums are the outer, soft, squishy, hollow characters that nest on top of Noms. Noms are the inner, hard-shelled characters that are either motorized to scoot around, or filled with flavored lip gloss.” Their world looks like it could take place within your kitchen cabinets or pantry – a place where food  is up for fun, and “a recipe for mischief.” Each Num and Nom is named  and has a specific profile. Kids can craft their own “recipes” by mixing and matching their Num Noms.

With Series 3 there are 6 num categories and and 3 nom categories. I’ll do the same as I did with my series 2 unboxing post and tell you what I got, what category it comes under and who else you can collect within that category.

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So for my Num I got….Paula Pumpkin
I love my new little Num. The colours are absolutely gorgeous and her smell is ten times more subtle than the last num I opened! I also lover her little tail at the back!! She falls under the Veggie Num category. The other Nums you can collect are Eda Mama, Bunny Carrot, Carrie Corn, Emma Eggplant and the special edition Coolie Cucumber.

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For my Nom I got… Cherry Vanilla Gloss-Up
In comparison to Nums, the number of Noms you get are very limited. I’m pretty sure I have at least three of the Cherry Vanilla Noms. Cherry Vanilla Gloss-Up is part of the two flavoured gloss-up noms and there are 12 to collect all together including a limited edition Glitter Surprise Gloss-up.

I’m very happy with my Num Nom and I cannot wait to open more for you very soon!!

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