In the middle of May I attended the annual Comic Book and Film Convention in Cardiff, however unlike the previous comic cons I’ve attended this one was a little bit special: it was my mother’s first comic con! I’ve been trying to convince her to attend for years, but she can be a stubborn mule on occasions and just flat out wouldn’t give it a shot. Luckily a glimpse of another comic con on television left her intrigued and she decided she would try it out.


The lady wound up buying even more than I did! She is not quite up-to-date with certain pop-culture phenomena’s, especially pop culture films, so when she saw some Metal Art of The Joker she thought it was meant to resemble the Scream. She was immensely impressed by it! My uncle is going to get an…interesting birthday gift!

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger comic con rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger comic con
We then had a little walk around, Mom talking to all vendors and saying that I write articles for a living and asking if I can take images. I don’t think I’ve ever taken so many business cards home in my life! One way to make contacts right?! Unfortunately I’ve lost them… well, all but one!


rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger comic con

The convention itself was pretty decent. After a few years it does get to feel like it’s much of the same thing. It’s always the same stalls over and over again! Metal Art seemed to be a big theme this year, with many stalls proudly displaying amazing metal artwork.

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Of course there was all your plushies and figurines. Every time Mom saw Vegeta she would quip, “Oh look, there’s your tattoo!” We also went to another booth that creates drinking glasses (carving and the like). There was a Darryl Dixon cup which Mom bought straight away, explaining to the vendor “You see Dixon is our surname! And you have it on a cup!” I was behind her smiling politely at the very confused vendor.

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With some of the stalls you can win a prize through a lucky dip box. I found stall that were giving away some neat prizes if you picked up a certain colour block, or you end up with a lollipop. I genuinely thought Mam would enjoy this. I gave the vendor a £1 (yes, a £1) and I told Mam to have a go!! She didn’t even try. That was the most expensive lollipop I’ve ever had and I’m 110% sure I lost it.


All in all, mom was pleasantly surprised how much she enjoyed it! Now to convince her to come to London Comic Con with me! She’ll bloody love that!

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