The My Little Pony Blind Boxes are my favourite blind bag series created by Funko. Each My Little Pony design is super adorable with beautiful colouring, thus far I have four in my collection. Now, I’m about to add a fourth!!! I have opened one from Series 1. I’ve opened three from Series 3, with two of them being the same pony but in different variations. Now, I will be opening my fourth from the fourth series titled ‘Power Ponies.’

The Power Ponies are seen in season 4, episode six of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic series where Spike and Mane Six are dragged into this comic book world where they must defeat a supervillain in order for them to escape.

The Power Ponies Blind Bags when bought in bulk and are sold 12 boxes per case. Each box contains one 2 1/2 mini My Little Pony figurine. There are 15 ponies to collect all together with three of them being Hot Topic Exclusives. All the ponies are 1/12 chance. The characters you can collect are:

Fili-Second Happy (Pinkie Pie)
Fili-Second Mad (Pinkie Pie)
Henchpony Green – Hot Topic exclusive
Henchpony Purple
Masked Matter-Horn (Twilight Sparkle)
Maked Matter-Horn Bowing – Hot Topic exclusive
Mistress Mare-velous Happy (Applejack)
Mistress Mare-velous Mad (Applejack)
Radiance (Rarity)
Radiance Looking Up (Rarity) – Hot Topic exclusive
Saddle Ranger Big (Fluttershy)
Saddle Ranger Small (Fluttershy)
Spike with Comic Book
Zapp (Rainbow Dash)

I do hope I manage to get Fluttershy as Saddle Ranger Big, I mean, look at the size of it. As a massive gym freak, I was just drawn to this one like a moth to the light. I love the lime and teal colour with the mix of pastel pink. I would also love to get Henchpony in Purple. I’m in love with his well-styled mane and black polo-neck.

And I got…

I may not have gotten the big, steroid-ridden figurine but I am very happy with the petite! Her colours are beautiful and love the light teal costume. She’s amazing to photograph!! Her face has been angled gives her the side-eye effect, and I managed to get some great images of her!

She stands up really well. I love the little butterfly detailing at the end of her hooves, as well as her windswept hair!! The paint job is fantastic! No scratches or anything!! A 10/10 figurine!

Will I get more?
Yes!! I would love to get Saddle Ranger Big! She would look amazing next to Saddle Ranger Small!! I might buy a few more from each series and start a proper collection as I am in love with these Mystery Mini’s.

You can buy My Little Pony Power Ponies blind bags here.

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