It’s Funko Friday again ad since it’s the month of October each Funko article will now be Halloween themed!! Since I originate from big ol’ Blighty we don’t really celebrate Halloween, we’re not one for Halloween decorations and such, we tend to skip right to Christmas, but nonetheless as I got older the more inclined I felt to dress up and have a few drinks with my ghoulish companions.

Halloween is also a time where you watch horror films with your friends and family (I attempt to watch a horror a night) and of course with every cult Horror film you will (quite possibly find)….a FUNKO POP!!! Not one to miss on the classics or the cults, Funko has an array of Halloween themed and horror themed Funko Pops. From ‘Chucky’ to ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’, Funko has covered every evil bastard out there as well as the Halloween vixens (crossing fingers they will make a Tiffany from ‘Bride of Chucky’ Funko Pop).

Here I bring to you some of my favourite Halloween themed horror Funko Pop’s!

This is a new Funko Pop that was announced about two weeks ago. Elvira, or as she’s also known as ‘The Mistress of Darkness’ is a Horror Hostess and is played by the very sweet Cassandra Peterson. Elvira is known for wearing a black, gothic, cleavage enhancing dress. Her vampish appearance as well as her quick witted personality has made her a cult and fashion icon! As soon as I see her in my local comic book store I’m buying her! I love Elvira! She like a nostalgia trip back to my goth days!


Funko Pop has decided to spoil us. They do not have just one Chucky Funko Pop, they actually have two, that’s right, TWO Chucky Funko’s. One Chucky Funko is based on his looks from Childs Play 2 which is a slasher sequel to Child’s Play and follows Chucky’s relentless pursuit of Andy who has now been placed in foster care. The other Funko is based on his appearance from Bride of Chucky, which marks Chucky’s more permanent look i.e stitches and scars. Bride of Chucky is a self-referential parody and has one of my favourite horror ladies around; Tiffany, who needs to be made into a Funko, right NOW!! Out of the two, the Bride of Chucky Funko is definitely my favourite since it’s my favourite film out of the whole franchise. I LOVE his slick-back locks.

pop_movies_-_chucky_large f4251

Shaun and Ed
Shaun and Ed are the very popular characters from British parody film Shaun of the Dead. A film that is both hysterically funny and heartfelt, Shaun of the Dead is one of the best Zombie films and one of the best British films to ever be produced. Britain as well as the rest of the world is overcome by Zombies, Shaun and his friends as well as ex-girlfriend and her friends try to find sanctuary at their local pub but must fight a hoard of Zombies first. Both characters have such great chemistry and the Funko’s look amazing!

6128_sotd_shaunpopglam_large 6130_sotd_ed_pop_glam_large

Jason Voorhees
One of the leading cultural icons in American pop culture as well as a cult icon in horror films, it’s hard to believe that this hockey masked psycho was intended to be Friday the 13th’ main antagonist. With a bloody machete and the dead behind the eyes appearance, as well as his signature hockey mask, this Funko Pop is a must-have for any horror connoisseur/Funko  Pop collector.


Nightmare on Elm Street is one of my favourite Horrors around. An absolute classic in every sense of the word, and just like Jason boy above, Freddy Krueger is a cult horror icon. Freddy is a serial killer who kills his victims in their sleep (which means their killed in reality too) by using sharp razor gloves. His appearance is what makes this character so iconic. From his green and red striped jumper to his brown fedora, his image is very iconic. He’s one of the most disturbing characters in horror..but look how adorable his Funko is! They’ve included the razor sharp gloves and everything, a must-have for any Freddy lover.


This concludes Part 1 of my Horror/Halloween Funko Pop post. Look for Part 2 next week!

You can buy your horror Funko’s here

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