If you were awake through 8th grade English class, then you remember being first introduced to Romeo and Juliet. Young lovers born into warring families that profess their eternal love for one another by… killing themselves one after the other before taking the thirty minutes needed to figure out that the other one wasn’t dead. Oops.

Throughout literature and pop culture, there are numerous professions of love. Most are forgotten after the chapter ends or the film credits start to roll. Others are memorable for all the wrong reasons (see above), but there are a handful of the Love Actually’s out there that demonstrate how telling someone you love them make an impact on the audience. Here are five moments of lesser known, but no less memorable, professions of love:

  1. Kelly Loves Zack

Saved by the Bell viewers were witness to countless attempts by Zack Morris to win the affections of cheerleader Kelly Kapowski. The on-again-off-again high school sweethearts were no strangers to puppy love, but as they grew older and matured the audience that stuck by their sides watched as the two learned what real love could be. During Saved By The Bell: The College Years, the gang are still up to their usual antics. While the guys are very literally high in the sky during a skydiving trip, Kelly is left on the ground trying desperately to get in contact with one of the flight crew members so that she can profess her love to Zack before he does something stupid. You know, like topple out of an airplane and plummet to the ground. All is well in the end, and spoiler alert from 1994: the two do end up tying the knot.

You can watch the moment below:

  1. His Gift is His Song

Baz Luhrman’s Moulin Rouge was memorable for a plethora of reasons. Stunning cinematography, an entertaining band of misfits, and that soundtrack! While the whole dang film is about Christian’s love for the courtesan Satine, his first confession of love after a case of mistaken identity will have you wishing you could climb to the top of your own giant elephant and dance among the stars.

  1. True Love Knows No Bounds

Not all love stories are romantic in nature. In the 1991 film Fried Green Tomatoes, two friends from childhood Idgie Thoroughgood and Ruth Jamison find solace in one another during an economic depression and  trauma. For those that are familiar with the film or the novel, a very strong argument could be made that Idgie and Ruth were more than just friends. Soul mates, perhaps. When Ruth moves on with her life and leaves their town, Idgie can’t handle the separation and seeks out Ruth in her new abode. And what better way to show your BFF that you love her? By rescuing her from her abusive husband, stealing her back to Whistle Stop, and threatening that jerk with a knife! Make no mistake, there are scenes in Fried Green Tomatoes that are very dark and upsetting, but the story between Idgie and Ruth transcends all of that awful stuff and is truly something that we wish we could find in a friend.

  1. The Bat and the Cat

No list of anything love related is complete without mentioning Catwoman and Batman. Correction: no self-respecting Rogues Portal contributor who happens to also love comics would leave such a thing off their list. In Injustice: God Among Us Year 1, Chapter 17 Superman and Batman are no longer on speaking terms, the city and beyond are at war, and Nightwing has been killed at the hands of Damian Wayne. Batman is reeling with grief and as Superman cannot approach him, he sends Selina Kyle in his stead. In the panel below, with inks by Le Beau Underwood, Jonas Trindade, and David Yardin (also pencils), and color by Andrew Elder, we see Selina enter Wayne Manor to find not only Alfred barely keeping it together, but Batman beating his fists bloody down in the cave. Bruce and Selina’s complicated relationship is not a very well-kept secret, but seems to border on mostly physical in nature more often than not. However, this panel shows how deep Selina’s feelings for Bruce, and even the rest of his family, go. She was there for him, offering to hold him as he fell apart, being strong when he shouldn’t have to be. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is – be still my heart.

  1. Football Head

Arrrrnolldd? Let’s be honest, the opening credits for Hey, Arnold with Helga Pataki lurking in dark corners and whispering that yellow-haired boy’s name were genuinely creepy. The children’s show on Nickelodeon many moons ago portrayed Helga as the neighborhood bully practicing the ancient art of “I like him, so I’m mean to him.” In secret, Helga’s love for Arnold was her driving force. As any preteen girl would do, Helga has professed her love of that football shaped head by building a shrine in her closet. The shrine was constructed of used chewing him, hair clippings, and other disgusting items. After a run-in with her love, Helga would retreat to this altar to write in her diary or simply swoon over what had to have been the most foul smelling shrine in history. Helga’s dedication that no knows bounds has earned her the top spot on this list of memorable professions of love! Keep doing you, girl!

Heather Fischer
Heather Fischer is a Chicago based writer, reader, and firm proponent of the Oxford comma. When not playing tabletop roleplay games, she may be found on Bleecker Street.

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