Space Riders

Space RidersSmashing into comic shops on April 29th, the Space Riders are back! This brand new series reunites artist Alexis Ziritt, writer Fabian Rangel Jr., and letterer/designer Ryan Ferrier for the next instalment of the insane space opera that relentlessly bashes your brain with a fistful of awesome!

An ancient evil is gathering power throughout the cosmos, and it falls upon the legendary Space Riders to kick its ass! Having disbanded, the crew of Capitan Peligro, Mono, and Yara must reunite for what may be their final ride! The cult comic that electrified comic readers in the brain returns to blast your fragile human psyche into oblivion! But in a good way!

Space Riders stomped its way through the comic market on its first go-round way back in 2015. But if you missed it, don’t sweat! You don’t have to have read volume one to enjoy volume two. Hell, you don’t even need to know how to read at all in order to enjoy volume two! Just shove your face into this book and breathe in the beautiful madness!

Space Riders #1 hits comic stores on April 29th, 2017.

Amelia Wellman
I read, I write, I play videogames, Ghostbusters is my favourite thing in the known universe, but quasars come in at a close second. I've been known to cry at the drop of a hat over happy and sad things alike. I've also been known to fly into a rage if things don't go my way, leading to many a fight in high school and breaking someone's nose on the TTC one time. I'm an anxious introvert but also a loud-mouthed bad influence. Especially on my cat. He learned it from watching me, okay!

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