Skip to the End HC, which collects the 4-issue series, will be available through Insight Comics on June 12, 2018. Check out the press release below!

Bassist-turned-junkie Jonny Wells is addicted to his past, but the only way to get there is through his music.

This June, Insight Comics is publishing Skip to the End, a riveting graphic novel created as an allegory to the history of the legendary band Nirvana.

Skip to the End tells Jonny’s story as he tries to cope with his bandmate and best friend Kirk’s suicide. Twenty years later, Jonny struggles with heroin addiction, lost in the songs they created and desperate to relive the past—until one day he discovers he can. With the aid of a mysterious guitar, Jonny begins to make trips back in time, searching for the roots of Kirk’s unraveling. At Nar-Anon meetings and in conversations with his sponsor Emily, he starts to cope with the events that led to Kirk’s death. But by the time Jonny realizes that his visits can’t change the present, he might be too addicted to stop. Skip to the End explores music’s transportive property, while sharing a story of friendship, combating addiction, and suicide awareness.







About the Author: Jeremy Holt is a Vermont-based comic book writer whose most notable works include Skinned (Insight Comics), Southern Dog (Action Lab Entertainment), and Pulp (comiXology), which IGN has called “one of the best one-shot comics of the year [2013].” Follow him on Twitter: @Jeremy_Holt.

If this press release is not enough to convince you that Skip to the End is well worth your time, check out Rogues Portal’s coverage of the series: we have been on board since issue #1

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