Deep Six‘s co-creator Davin Lengyel (Pure Pwnage and Space Janitors) describes Deep Six as a hard sci-fi web series with no green screen using miniatures and practical effects just like the great science fiction of the 70s. Think Star Wars, Alien, and 2001 and you get the picture.

Couple this with a commitment to trying to stick to real science and you have something that should pique the interest of any sci-fi buff. Mika Collins, writer on the Netlfix show Travelers is a co-creator on Deep Six and also joins the cast as one of the three female leads. The project had a very successful Indiegogo campaign and, as I write this, the show has already wrapped shooting and is currently in the editing phase.

Watching the Indiegogo introduction video I was struck by just how passionate and engaging Davin is. You can tell he really cares about this project and you can tell that he wants to make it as real and as beautiful as possible. So while the practical effects, real sets, and miniatures cover the “beautiful”, Professor Jaymie Matthews is on hand to help with the “real”.

As the Professor of Astrophysics at UBC, Jaymie is uniquely qualified to provide scientific and technical assistance. Jaymie was the lead scientist on the MOST space telescope, this telescope rather helpfully captured the star system Tau Ceti, which, just so happens to be the setting for Deep Six. Jaymie was on hand as a consultant to help really push the show toward portraying real science and physics all within the constraints of a small budget. Imagine the difficulty of filming scenes supposedly in zero gravity on a hand built set with a small budget. Mind boggling, but these guys and gals are up to the task.

The story will explore the effect of isolation, the harsh beauty of space and the fog of war on an ensemble cast of astronauts and military officers. Deep Six will be a serial unfolding in 9 sequential episodes, set primarily in and around the operations of a base on a distant moon with the action split evenly between the base and the cockpit.

Each episode of Deep Six takes the characters deeper into the unknown, marching the inhabitants towards war with an unknown and unseen alien assailant. Much of the story will center on efforts to restore communication with home and unfold the mysteries of the alien star system. I literally can not wait for this show to be finished and launched online.

Watch this space for more updates and details as we near the airing of the first episode! In the meantime I would recommend checking out the Deep Six indiegogo campaign page for cool behind the scenes videos, more info and a better look at what this project is all about!

Here are some cool behind the scenes pictures to whet your appetites until premiere day:

Adrian Hodgkiss

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