Faith: Dreamside #3

Writer: Jody Houser
Artist: MJ Kim
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Publisher: Valiant Comics

Review by Stacy Dooks

Another Wednesday dawns and with it comes the release of Faith: Dreamside #3. Long-time readers of these humble review columns will know that I’m a huge fan of Faith Herbert, aka Zephyr, aka Summer Smith. Simply put, she’s a fun, upbeat, and joyous character whose adventures are nothing short of entertaining. It’s another well-known fact that for the most part I like my superhero tales to be more mirthful than mournful. This isn’t to say that the heroes can’t experience loss or have setbacks from time to time, but that they have to overcome their obstacles and remain idealistic no matter the odds. Those tend to be the heroic stories I gravitate to as a reader. So how did Faith: Dreamside #3 measure up?

When last we’d left our heroine, things had gotten pretty dire: in her efforts to help her young friend and fellow superhuman Monica Jim deal with what she believed were the ghosts of dead teammates, Faith contacted paranormal expert (and actual ghost-seer) Dr. Mirage for help. She and her spectral spouse take the case, but when Monica’s soul gets pulled from her body and sent to the afterlife, Faith and the good doctor have no choice but to follow her into the world of the dead.

To speak further would spoil the plot, but it’s clear that in Faith: Dreamside #3 the rubber is meeting the road as the story hurtles toward the epic conclusion. Houser has a real gift for character beats, and in this issue she not only provides a lot of insight into the character of Faith Herbert, she also sheds light on the psychology of Dr. Mirage, her husband, and their unusual situation. There’s some time in this issue for some introspection on behalf of both the main protagonists that I found fascinating. MJ Kim’s art and Jordie Bellaire’s colors compliment each other perfectly to create atmospheres in the world of the dead that are both adorable and downright disconcerting at times, as well as to make the characters themelves feel alive and vibrant. Dave Sharpe’s lettering again conveys the voices of each character and entity in the story, allowing each their own unique quality.

The Verdict: Buy it.

I’ve said it before; I will continue to say it: Faith is great comics and Faith: Dreamside #3 continues a proud tradition of delightful reading. Highly recommended.

Stacy Dooks
Stacy Dooks is a writer and assorted pop culture fanatic whose childhood fixations on the works of Jim Henson, George Lucas, and DC Comics laid the groundwork for his current status as a pop culture junkie chatterbox. He currently resides in Calgary, Alberta while he waits for his TARDIS coral to finish growing. For more of his observations on popular culture, check out The Fanboy Power Hour:

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