Exorsisters #1

Writer: Ian Boothby
Artist: Gisèle Lagacé
Colorist: Pete Pantazis
Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Publisher: Image Comics

Review by Anelise Farris

Exorsisters #1 introduces readers to Kate and Cate Harrow: identical twins who are different in every aspect except for their names and professional calling as exorcists. The issue opens with bride Gloria recounting to the Harrow sisters how her fiance got taken away to hell mid-ceremony.

Right away we get a feel for how different these sisters are. As Gloria is explaining the situation, Kate with a K is downing a bottle(s) of champagne, and Cate with a C is dutifully taking notes. Questions start to pile up: Why don’t the guests remember seeing anything? Is this simply a case of cold feet? If Glenn’s not actually in hell, then where is he? What follows is a decent-into-hell adventure to find out just what kind of guy Glenn really is.

While we don’t get any backstory on Kate and Cate in this issue, Exorsisters #1 does a great job of showing us what the Harrow sisters do, and how their distinct personalities feed off each other. The art is bright and youthful and the furthest thing from a demon-filled narrative that you’d imagine. And that’s one of the reasons this comic is so charming! It’s light enough to appeal to people who don’t like horror, and it’s still a hellishly fun time for those of us who do.

Verdict: Buy it.

Exorsisters #1 is a unique take on the supernatural-investigators duo genre, and I am eager to learn more about Kate and Cate’s background. And, the way this issue ends ensures that there is far more going on in this series than a simple case-by-case issue.

Anelise Farris
I'm a doctor that specializes in folklore and mythology, speculative fiction, and disability studies. Basically, I'm a professional geek. When not researching or teaching, I read; I write; I yoga; I travel; I play with my fur babies; and, I watch way too many (if that's a thing) horror movies.

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