Eternity #4
Writer: Matt Kindt
Penciller: Trevor Hairsine
Inker: Ryan Winn
Colourist: David Baron
Publisher: Valiant

A review by Josh Rose

We’ve had some fun exploring the Unknown with the Divinity’s, but now its time for them to go home and this volume to end. Eternity #4 is a beautiful way to wrap things up. It explains who killed the Observer, and why Abram and Myshka’s son was taken. It even takes the opportunity to open up the future for more stories.

Throughout the Divinity series and Eternity, Matt Kindt has been using the idea of stories as a regular motif, and Eternity #4 whittled that down to ideas. This issue has left me with my jaw dropped, not only with what’s to come in the future, but with the execution of one particular page. Abram is talking about how the Unknown wanted their idea back, and the art goes backwards from full art, to flat colours, inks, pencils, and finally to roughs. Even the text boxes follow suit, everything acts as a metaphor going back to the concept of the idea.

One of my favorite pages sees a vortex in the sky, reminiscent of a gun barrel, and the following page has similar circles around the sun over Abram and Myshka’s home in Russia. David Baron’s colours are just gorgeous in this, as the colours draw your eye to the bottom of the page and pull it up to the centre of the vortex.

The Verdict:
Buy It!

If you could only get one comic just for the art, Eternity #4 needs to be it. In my opinion, this is the most beautiful book of the four issues of Eternity. Not only in terms of the art, but also the writing. The execution of the story and the motif, in combination with the art just blew me away. Buy this and then go back and buy the rest of Eternity if you haven’t already.

Josh Rose
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