Questions are finally answered in Dragonball Super episode 58!

Zamasu is trying to learn all he can of the Super Dragon Balls now that he’s aware they exist and could grant any wish. Zamasu immediately heads to see the guardian of their lore, Sage Zuno. Zuno knows all there is to know about the Super Dragon Balls. As they were just used for a wish after the Destruction Gods’ tournament, they have all flown into far corners of the universe for one year before they can be used again. Zamasu is not pleased with this.


Zamasu WILL have answers!

Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks wake up in the present, at Bulma’s house. The first thing Goku says as he awakens is a shout to go back and try again. Bulma reminds them they didn’t take any Senzu Beans, so of course they lost. Goku forgot them just before leaving. Typical. Everyone is still on board to take down Black, even after seeing his strength and finding out he is working with Zamasu, who seemingly is immortal. Vegeta points out they need a real plan this time.


The gods are worried

Just then, Whis, Beerus, and the Kaioshen of Earth appear to the group. The Kaioshen was contacted by Sage Zuno about Zamasu’s questioning. Goku and friends catch the gods up on what happened in the future. Whis begins putting the pieces together – Zamasu must have asked about the Super Dragon Balls to wish for a partner who could help him in his plan to destroy unworthy worlds. Since he’s met Goku in the past and seen his strength, who better to help but an exact copy under his control? He must have wished Black into existence. But then how is Zamasu also immortal? The Super Dragon Balls only grant one wish at a time. They figure Zamasu waited out another entire year after wishing for Black to wish for eternal life as well…until they remember the Time Rings. Someone could use those to speed up the process. That means Gowasu is in danger! Zamasu can’t use the Time Rings alone as he is still not a fully trained Kai. He is next in line if Gowasu were to die, however…


Gowasu is not happy with the news

The Goku crew, with Beerus and gods in tow, head to see Gowasu and warn him of the coming danger. As Zamasu brings out the tea, an evil grin falls flat when he sees Goku is here. Why have they come? Zamasu straightens his smile and walks out to meet them. A very tense way to end the episode!

It seems present Zamasu is only beginning to plot his justice for Earth. Can our heroes stop him before he becomes immortal and summons Black in the present? Stay tuned as always!

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