Doc Yeti Fuk’son, Yeti Detective 

Writer: Allison Solano
Artist: Sean Morgan

Doc Yeti Fuk'son, Yeti DetectiveOver time we have seen many great detectives leap on to the scene. Legends like Dick Tracy, Philip Marlowe, and Sherlock Holmes all came and left their own mark in history. Now it is time for a new detective, a hairy detective, to make his mark on society. Enter Doc Yeti Fuk’son, Yeti Detective, a webcomic created by Allison Solano and Sean Morgan. Updated on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Doc Yeti Fukson is an interesting character to say the least. At one time Doc was on top of the world, cleaning up the streets while cracking jokes in the process. The only thing hotter than his career was his wife, but then things changed.

Two years have passed since Doc busted the Potato Peeler Killer. Now he sits around all day, alone, watching re-runs of MacGyver, indulging in tapioca and liquor. Doc’s sister J.D. Yeti Fuk’son shows up at his door with a murder case that is personal enough to capture his interest. Now Doc is tracking down the one responsible for killing a human showgirl, with the main suspect being a Yeti that was attempting to recreate an ancient ritual. Along with a murder case, Doc has to deal with family issues, as he’s reunited with his daughter, who also has a taste for solving crimes!

Doc Yeti Fuk’son, Yeti Detective is a fun read. There’s a crime to be solved, but there’s a healthy dose comedy injected into these panels as well. A lounge singer may be singing Karma Chameleon, but subtract the word “chameleon” and add “chupacabra.” Doc finds evidence on a table in a bar, yanks it up off the ground and runs around with it for a few panels looking for “science!” And one of the parts I found the most amusing was Doc jumping out of a moving car when his daughter brings up her mother. Solano has done an excellent job breathing life into these characters in such a short time. She’s constructed a murder story with just the right amount of humor. At this moment, I believe there is another week before the updates begin again, but I am already looking forward to continuing the story.

Morgan’s artwork is sharp. I am very much a fan of black and white art and it works so well with the story. I also like how there’s a special bonus that shows how the comic is prepared with the pencils, inks, screen tones, and letters in order. I really like the character designs. I like the noir feel in the story. It feels like an older detective story, but with Yetis! Hopefully Doc dons a traditional trench coat soon as a throwback to the day of the old school detectives. Overall the visual aspect of the story is remarkable.

The Verdict:

Check It Out! I’ve been trying lately to check out more webcomics. There are a couple that I have saved that I go back and read regularly, and I’m happy to say that Doc Yeti Fuk’son, Yeti Detecitve will be added to my list! I admire the work and effort that so many independent writers and artists put in to make their webcomic a reality. Like all things, some hit, some miss. Doc is a hit! Solano and Morgan make a great duo. If you like crime stores, then you should definitely be reading this!

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