Before we get started, I want to talk about an issue that bothers me: I feel like the last columns I wrote were very review-ish and did not have much personality. I did talk in length about Supernatural, because the show has such a fundamental meaning to me. Newer productions do not have these emotional baggage with them, yet. So when I write about current pop culture I will focus on one aspect. As I said before: One article is never enough to talk about a TV show as a whole.

“My name is Kara Zor-El. I’m from Krypton. I’m a refugee on this planet. I was sent to Earth to protect my cousin. But my pod got knocked off-course, and by the time I got here, my cousin had already grown up and become… Superman. I hid who I really was until one day when an accident forced me to reveal myself to the world. To most people, I’m a reporter at CatCo Worldwide Media. But in secret, I work with my adoptive sister for the D.E.O. to protect my city from alien life and anyone else that means to cause it harm. I am Supergirl.”

I love this new intro of Supergirl. Her name, the words refugee and adoptive sister, everything in this quote calls for diversity, positivity and hope. The first season did not have these aspects to it. They avoided to cast Superman and mostly called him “cousin.” We know who you are talking about, just say Superman or Clark. Anyway, the best parts of these early episodes where definitely Cat Grant (I wanted to add Linda Carter as the President, but that was season 2). It should have been a feel-good TV show. For most parts though, it was just hard to watch. There was something missing.

With season 2 the show was transferred to TheCW. That was the best thing that could have happened to Supergirl. And I am not talking about casting Tyler Hochlin as Superman or giving Jimmy Olsen finally something to do or that they know each other and the secrets are a thing of the past (mostly). I am talking about Alex. In my humble opinion Alex is one of the best fictional characters of the past year. She made me care. She made me cry. And I want to believe that this character is able to make you a better human being. Period.

Everything began with her coming out. I know how it feels. I know how it feels to work up the courage and say to your family you are gay. I know her story. I know her story, because I live it (despite the facts that I am a guy, don’t know martial arts, and don’t fight aliens – you know, the little things). Anyway, Alex owns the best moments of the season. Over the course of nearly one and a half seasons she became an authentic character. That makes her the real role model – she is relatable. Supergirl is not relatable. She does things, no human being is able to do.

But the coming out was just the beginning. Alex’s relationship with Maggie is also one of the best of the past year. You can feel the chemistry between the two actresses Chyler Leigh and Floriana Lima. It’s just so perfect. And the best thing about them is: they don’t have the perfect relationship. They have their differences. They fight sometimes and stuff comes up at work. But at the end of the day, they are there for each other. That’s what you are supposed to do in a relationship. No matter what, you are there for the other person. And it’s not just Maggie who does the supporting, due to she is the more experienced one. Alex also helps Maggie to confront her father in season three.

The following paragraph contains spoilers for season three:

Up until know, nearly every scene between those two made me cry. It’s just heartbreaking in the most positive way. This is the reason because the breakup in season 3 hurt so much. Alex wants kids, Maggie does not. Both are not able to compromise. Not on this topic. A breakup is, and I know this sounds cold, logical. The relationship cannot work like that. However, all of this is also a good thing. It makes the characters authentic and relatable. I know I said this before, but it is important to point out. Nothing feels forced or pushed. Alex and Maggie naturally evolve throughout the series.

Now that we have had a focus on Alex and how she evolved, I wonder if they decide to switch the focus a bit. Concentrate the secondary story on another character and tell his or her story. Either way, it is very satisfying to see choices have consequences. Consequences you see happen within the whole series. It’s about family, friends, love, strong characters, and good told stories.

Alex. Maggie. You both ARE Supergirl. Without you, the show would be bland and boring. Thank you.

Christoph Staffl

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