Deadpool the Duck #1
Writer: Stuart Moore
Artist: Jacopo Camagni
Colors: Israel Silva
Letters: Joe Sabino
Pubisher: Marvel
Reviewed by David Hildebrand 

dpduck2I know there are a lot of people out there that think there is an over saturation of Deadpool.  He is in a ton of books and he always seems to be teaming up with somebody.  Some are good, some are not.  When I heard that Deadpool and Howard the Duck would be together for Deadpool The Duck, it caught my attention.  I think Howard the Duck is a very underrated “Hero” in the Marvel world.  In my opinion,  You hear more negative comments about his 1986 film debut than anything good.  And I think that given a good story, Howard can shine. As I opened Deadpool the Duck #1, I was hoping that this wouldn’t end in disappointment.  Two characters that I have always been fond of together, how can this go wrong?

So how do these two even cross paths?  By fate of course!  We start out with Deadpool in an abandoned warehouse with Agent Mary from S.H.I.E.L.D.. Agent Mary has an assignment for Deadpool.  She needs him to track down an E.T, but he is more interested in discussing with his spirit animal (Wolverine) if he should purchase the warehouse or not.  It is spacious, but he doesn’t want to get locked up in an adjustable rate loan!  Meanwhile Howard is cruising around town in his car contemplating his own existence. He believes he is always in someone else’s story with a better box office numbers and reviews.  About this time Rocket Raccoon crash lands in the backseat of Howard’s car.  Something isn’t right with Rocket and he attacks Howard.  Well it isn’t a party without Deadpool and shortly thereafter he makes an appearance.  Things get crazy and comical but I can’t spoil what happens at the end.  Things take an interesting twist and Howard was complaining that is never HIS story, well things are about to change for the space duck.

Deadpool the Duck #1 is a lot of fun.  It starts out strong but sort of dips in the comedy and sight gags towards the end.  Still, it is a strong start to what should be a very amusing series.  Moore’s writing captures the essence of both characters.  The merc with the mouth is his usual smart ass self, while Howard is still this depressing type that is always looking for answers to where he belongs in this world.  Rocket was a nice surprise.  Some books I go into blind and this is one of them because I like to be surprised and seeing Rocket show up out of nowhere was a nice surprise!  There are even references to the 1986 film which put a smile on my face.  I like the art by Camagni and Silva.  The characters look sharp, true to form and the colors are bold.  You have to get the reds right in a Deadpool book!  They are spot on here and of course I dig the look of Rocket.

Buy it!
I am a big fan of Deadpool, I also like Howard the Duck. I don’t think he gets enough credit.  I like the story so far, I am curious to see how big a role Rocket ends up playing in this and the art is excellent as well.  If you are a fan of ANY of these characters, then you need to run right out and grab Deadpool the Duck #1. It is a fun read!

Dave Hildebrand
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