Curse Words #8

Creators: Charles Soule & Ryan Browne
Colors: Addison Duke & Ryan Browne
Letters: Chris Crank
Publisher: Image Comics

Reviewed by Greg Brothers

It is hard to believe that Curse Words is only at issue 8. Since it has been out, the series has introduced fun, exciting, and intriguing characters. Beyond that, Soule and Browne are constantly keeping you on your toes. As soon as you think you have the series figured out, they veer off in a different direction than you were expecting.

Curse Words #8 picks up with Wizord meeting with the President of the United States. Wizord wants the President to know the plans that Sizzajee has for Earth, and he wants to come up with a strategy to stop it. Meanwhile, Ruby Red is adjusting to life within this realm. Finally, in the Hole World, the battle to be Sizzajee’s champion continues.

I have enjoyed Curse Words since the first issue. One of the best choices that Soule and Browne made was to expand the scope of the story. With the second arc, we are starting to learn more about all the different wizards and witches. This has led to a deeper understanding of the characters. The personalities of the characters are starting to shine, and they no longer feel as if they are just filler next to Wizord.

Wizord of course is still the cog that makes the story move. And this last arc has made the character much more intriguing. While he says that his intent is to defeat Sizzajee, it is starting to seem as if there are other motivations. What those motivations are is not clear yet, but even Margaret seems onto his plan.

As a standalone issue, Curse Words #8 was light on action. With the focus on dialogue and motivations, Curse Words #8 works to set up the next big conflict. Of course, this is not a terrible thing, as issues like Curse Words #8 are needed. Seeing the motivations of certain characters adds depth, while allowing the reader to make a connection. It is those connections that make the reader care.

Browne’s art continues to impress in Curse Words #8. Unique panel layouts, character designs, and action all create an original feel. Browne’s art is enhanced by the coloring team. Bright colors draw the eyes in and pop throughout Curse Words #8.

Verdict: Buy it!

Curse Words #8 shows that Soule and Browne understand the importance of character development. Taking a break from the large fights allow for the motivations of several of the characters to be revealed. It is the type of issue that, when you look back at the end of the arc, you realize how important Curse Words #8 was to the overall story.

Gregory Brothers
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