Comic books don’t tend to get too many games made after them – unless it’s Spiderman or the Arkham games, the number of really good comic book based games is a pretty shallow pool. But there’s been a bit more luck in the slot games market, where you can find slots about just about anything (just check out if you don’t believe me). But the comic themed games have generally kept a pretty high bar for quality. Here are a few of the really good ones that you should be keeping an eye out for.

Incredible Hulk

This 5-reel slot features minimal icons to do with the Hulk himself (we get police cars and logos mostly) but features a bonus feature that can only be described as Hulk-esque where the green goliath himself tears apart the machine and cuts the 5 reels down to 2. The middle 3 reels are all wilds and makes it easier to get a higher jackpot while helpfully, feeling like the Hulk is helping you smash your way to a jackpot. There’s also the Smash! Bonus feature where you have to select police cars and helicopters for the Hulk to take down. The helicopters give you a multiplier and if you get lucky, you can trigger the Hulk Rage feature where he smashes all five reels for a massive pay potential! It’s a simple enough game but it does a great job of capturing the feel of the Hulk.

The Dark Knight

This Batman inspired slot does a great job of setting the stage for this famous cinematic clash between Batman and the Joker. The bonuses work to reflect this too, all of the rows on reel one can become marked by Batman and set off a Batman styled bonus with the flip of a two-faced coin. Only the coin now has a Batman and a Joker symbol, if the coin lands on Batman, you get a boosted bonus and locked bat-symbols. The counter bonus to this is the Joker’s, taking up all of the images on reel six (the opposite side of the game, a nice touch) and all of the bonuses switch to the Joker’s icon and the Joker’s coin you need to land up. It’s a cool distinction that helps the game feel like a struggle for Gotham City’s heart.

Spider-Man: Attack of the Green Goblin

Much like the console game market, Spider-man is dominating again for having the best game (potential hot-take: You may well believe Arkham City is better). The Spider-Man slot game features bonuses with outstanding graphics and many varied games within games to play.  From a beat ‘em up style game to a chase through New York, though they use the same mechanics of choosing blind to cause a reaction, the graphics and framing are so different that the game feels fresh and unique every time you trigger a bonus. With slick 80’s comic book themed styling for the game itself, this is probably the best comic themed slot game on the mar

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