The Comics Agenda Episode 48: Things That Go Bump In The Night

As we prepare for Halloween Festivities this week our books take a mystery and horror theme. Some are dark and scary and other mysteries involve a fight club formed at a record store. So what ever your scare level, we have a book for you.

After a great discussion about TV and then January Solicits we get into some great book discussion. We cover Glitterbomb: The Fame Game #2, Ghostbusters: Answer the Call #1, DC House of Horrors #1, Eternity #1, HiFi Fight Club #3, and Jean Grey #8 in addition to several other new books.

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Gregory Brothers
Ohio born and raised. Avid comicbook fan who is always trying to find time to get through my ever growing read pile. When not working on that I Teach, coach youth sports, and cheer on my hometown Cincinnati teams, and Buckeyes. Can also be heard talking comics and pop-culture on The Comics Agenda Podcast.

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