Charlie’s Angels #1

Writer: John Layman
Artist: Joe Eisma
Colorist: Celeste Woods
Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Publisher: Dynamite Comics

A review by Greg Brothers

Over the last few years, we have seen a plethora of reboots/resurrections of series from the sixties, seventies, and eighties. Some of them have been successful, while others have failed. For a reboot or resurrection to be successful the main thing that needs to happen is that the charm character of the original needs to be there even if some of the other components have been updated.

As someone who remembers the original television series, the opening pages of Charlies Angels #1 ooze the charm and character that made the show successful. Jill, Kelly, and Sabrina stand out in the first splash page as their individual personalities are on display as they are introduced. Quickly the feel of the 1970s hits you as the colors, language, and look all match perfectly.

One of the things that made the show successful was the strength and the brains of the three women. For readers not familiar with the show Layman quickly establishes the women’s ability to throw off the shackles of a male-dominated industry and establish themselves as extraordinary detectives. The story is a very basic detective/crime story. The ladies already are in the middle of their undercover assignment and trying to stop an illegal arms deal. By the end of Charlies Angels #1, the first assignment is wrapped up, with an ending that sets of the first major story arc for the series. The story feels like it moves quick. That is partially in how Layman’s dialogues flow naturally. Rarely did I feel as if I had to pause to understand the purpose of the panel.

The art is the other part that makes Charlies Angels #1 such a fun read. It is muted and soft. It feels as if you are looking into the past as the characters, clothing, décor all scream 1970s in a way that feels natural.

Much like the dialogue, Eisma’s art is just plain fun. Sharpe and defined lines make the characters stand out. The realism of the designs makes it feel as if you are watching an episode of the original series. Colors match the time period as do the clothing designs. It is obvious considerable research was put into making the series feel authentic.

Verdict: Buy!

Charlies Angels #1 is not just a nostalgic throwback that fans of the former show will enjoy. Layman and Eisma create a comic that from the first panel establishes the women as strong, smart and resourceful detectives. You can not help but finding yourself smiling as you read this story. By the end, you want to know more about these ladies and are ready for the next adventure.

Gregory Brothers
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