Bloodshot Salvation #4
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Mico Suayan
Colorist: Diego Rodriguez
Letterer: Simon Bowland
Publisher: Valiant

A review by Josh Rose

Bloodshot is like Wolverine and the Punisher combined: he has super-healing powers and memory loss, plus a military background and a whole lot of guns. Except Bloodshot is more than just that. He takes on his own personality and has abilities unique to himself. Bloodshot Salvation #4 sees the backstory of Bloodshot villain: Rampage, who is the result of an updated version of the same program that created Bloodshot.

Jeff Lemire shows us two brothers, Pete and Danny, living under an abusive father, making promises and trying to protect each other. He does a great job tying those boys to the modern day, implying their connection to Omen and Project Rampage with the Valiant Universe.

Mico Suayan’s art is quite wonderful as he shows us the emotions on the characters’ faces and the fire in the barn. There is one panel where the light shines on Pete’s face in the barn where he and Danny are playing, representing how Danny sees Pete. The lighting otherwise is very dark, matching the atmosphere of the book. Though dark, the boys to manage to find some threads of light. Diego Rodriguez colours are equally fantastic. He uses a lot of yellows and browns to show life on the farm. In addition to the yellows, the blues he uses for the moon and oranges for the fire are especially spectacular.

The Verdict:
Buy It!
Bloodshot Salvation #4 is a look into the past and character of Rampage. This issue sheds a light on his unique connection to the Military Contractor group Omen. Its a good standalone issue, but I recommend people catch up on Bloodshot Salvation to truly appreciate the story of Rampage.

Josh Rose
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