Big Nick #3
Writer: Martin Deschatelets, Kevin Montpellier
Artist: Martin Deschatelets
Colourist: Nicholas Lockhead
Publisher: Expired Comics

Review by Josh Rose

Meet Sudbury, Ontario’s hero: Big Nick, a former miner turned superhero who was caught in a cave in 30 years ago. Now he’s back having not aged a single day with the ability to manipulate the earth, and grow to gigantic proportions. Big Nick #3 sees Nick taking on the Scorched King and fighting off an alien invasion. In the middle of the invasion he calls other Canadian heroes for help.

This is the second crossover featuring several Canadian independent superheroes after the Adventures of Auroraman Annual #1. You can expect to see Auroraman, Auric of the Great White North, and Spacepig Hamadeus just to name a few. Its not so much a crossover as it is a bunch of cameo appearances.

This is a funny book. From unexpected twists to Tim Horton’s coffee addicts, and mining jokes. Two scenes stick out to me as being a little awkward, and interrupt the flow of the story. The first being when Nick saves a local and then stops to chat with him. The second is when heroes from Expired Comics’ other series: Earth’s Finest are playing a game of “would you rather” whilst fighting aliens. This is supposed to be a humorous book and heroes need to have relationships, but these scenes just took me away from the seriousness of it all.

The art by Martin Deschatelets is just as much fun as the story is. My favorite panel is the one featuring Blackthorne in Calgary, Alberta. Sorry Auric. The lights in the skyline of the city, and the crashing aliens behind Blackthorne is just really cool. And Nicholas Lockhead’s colours are brilliant and really pop out against the page. He uses bright fluorescent colours throughout Big Nick #3, orange for the Scorched King, and blues for the aliens and their ships.

The Verdict: Buy It!

Big Nick is like if Captain America and Ant-man had a baby who was an earthbender from the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. And Big Nick #3 has him put together the Justice League of Canucklehead heroes. Its a book with a lot of humor, big stakes, and an even bigger hero. I am definitely looking forward to the next issue.

Big Nick #3 will be available for purchase at Sudbury Graphic Con June 9, 2018, or through their website.

Josh Rose
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