Beyond Good and Evil 2

Last week Ubisoft blew everyone’s minds by simultaneously confirming and showing off a cinematic trailer of Beyond Good and Evil 2. The game has been stranded in development hell since Beyond Good and Evil released in 2003, and it seems like we will finally be getting a proper sequel to the cult classic.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be a prequel to the original game, but the sense of scale and adventure are all intact. The original game started off with the main character on a small island, quickly spiraling out of control to a planet wide adventure. The scope and scale of Beyond Good and Evil 2 looks to be bigger and better. While the cinematic trailer doesn’t really show much as far as what gameplay will be like, there was a behind doors demo shown at E3. Ubisoft has uploaded the entire behind doors demo to YouTube though, so we are able to see exactly what the scale and scope of Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be.

Being able to see where the game has started only gives us an idea of where it could possibly go, and I personally cannot wait. It looks incredibly exciting and nails the scope of a galactic adventure like Star Wars. Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be released eventually, and this taste of their tech shows that it is worth the wait. You can sign up for updates and some nebulous promise of participation in development at

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