X-Tremists #1

Writer: Leah Williams
Penciler: Georges Jeanty
Inker: Roberto Poggi
Letterer: Jim Charalampidis
Publisher: Marvel

Review by Greg Brothers

For those of you that may have missed out, most of the X-Men have been transported to an alternate universe that was created by Nate Grey. In this new universe everyone is a mutant, and crime is no longer a problem. However, as perfect as the new universe is in some people’s minds, the idea of love and family connections have been eliminated. How do you police people’s private lives and relationships? Easy, hire a couple of telepaths to help you find out people’s true thoughts and feelings, and then put them with a few other mutants that go around and mindwipe people who forget they shouldn’t love.

In X-Tremists #1 we are introduced with the team that has been tasked with keeping a tab on the rest of the world’s love life. Or in this case making sure that people do not have one. Jubilee and Bobby Drake are arguing about baking sheets; Jean-Paul is trying to enjoy a cup of coffee; and Fred Dukkes is attempting to get the team to go investigate the latest report of love in the mountains. The team seems to be ready for whatever comes their way as they make their way to the home. Once there, the plan seems to go off with very little complications, until one word shakes the team to its core and makes them question what happens next.

The fact that we have seen the team in two of the other books already allows Williams to take the time to explore the members of the team rather than their mission. Some of that exploration hits, while some of it falls flat. Long-time readers of the X-men will recognize Bobby Drake right away as his sarcastic and fun-loving personality is on display from the start. The joke that he seems to have going on with Jubilee hits a little flat, and I am not sure there is more to it that would make it funnier. The rest of the team interactions are pure classic X-Men. The characters make up a nice combination of joy, excitement, and even annoyance.

As has been mentioned more than once, in this Universe love is forbidden. We find out here that not only is love forbidden, but also things have been put into place to remove the knowledge of what love is, and how the natural creation of a child even happens anymore. It is yet another wrinkle to the story that adds more questions that are going to be able to be explored in further issues.

The character designs here work. While it makes sense that the Marvelous X-Men team wears their own style of clothing, the team here all has matching uniforms. The page and panel layout makes it easy to follow the action throughout the book. My one complaint about the art is that Bobbi, Jubilee, and Jean Paul in some panels look way too similar.

Verdict: Wait and See.

Everything about the premise and ideas behind this book screams that there are great things ahead. As a first issue, however, there are many things that I wanted to see that were lacking. The story moves slowly, and other than a reveal at the end does little to move the story forward. From reading Williams’ stuff in the past I know she probably has a great story that is going to be revealed here. But as a first issue it was a bit weak and predictable, while I wanted more.

Gregory Brothers
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