The Adventures of Auroraman: Season 2

Writers: Jeff Burton, Dan Collins
Artists: Sharon Gauthier, Ryan Howe, Marvin Law, Cee Raymond, Andrew Thomas, Colin Work
Colourists: Anthony Owens, Donovan Yaciuk
Letterers: Jeff Burton, Sharon Gauthier, Rod Salm, Andrew Thomas, Colin Work
Editor: Martin Boruta, Jeff Burton

Review by Josh Rose

Auroraman is back with a brand-new collection of mini stories! The Adventures of Auroraman: Season 2 features two stories about the retro-game inspired character Cartridge, a collection of comic strip inspired short stories, the 2017 Christmas Jam, and many more.

There is a hero that’s unlike any other, and part of that is due to its writer. Jeff Burton has turned himself into his very own superhero. Burton’s characterization of himself was partly inspired by the silver age Starman comics, and silver age comics as a whole. Another inspiration of Burton’s is his childhood wish to write comic strips. This explains why many of his Auroraman stories are often short in length. With that in mind, I have a greater appreciation for these stories than I would if I had my usual expectations of a traditional comic book.

With the influence of newspaper comic strips in mind, I find that some of the art still follows a traditional style similar to most newspaper comics. I believe the art would have a greater effect on the reader if the panel layout followed more closely to the traditional comic strip layout. In the Sask Expo Slamfest story, there is one page where the art seems squished. It’s like Colin Work meant for the art to be coming out of the page at an angle. I feel this effect looks awkward and makes it hard to tell what is happening. I also feel that Work’s art in Cherry Sunday Showdown is some of his best. The panels are easy to follow, and its easy to tell who or what is happening in each one.

The Verdict: Check it out.

The Adventures of Auroraman: Season 2 is a collection of stories built on a man’s passion for the medium of comics and comic strips. Readers don’t need to have read any Auroraman comics in order enjoy this great Canadian hero.

The Adventures of Auroraman: Season 2 is available for download here.

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