Long Lost #1
Publisher: Scout Comics
Writer: Matthew Erman
Artist: Lisa Sterle

Review by Anelise Farris

Long Lost #1 introduces us to two sisters that are drawn back to their hometown after fifteen years. During that time, the sisters were not in touch with each other, or with their mother. This first issue shows us just how different the two sisters are: Piper is introverted and prefers to be alone, whereas Frances is chatty and outgoing. Yet something more than a family bond has brought them back together: a haunting presence and an unsolved childhood mystery.

Matthew Erman’s writing and Lisa Sterle’s art come together so well in Long Lost #1 it’s hard to believe that two people are behind this comic. It is clear that they are both fans of minimalistic art, subtle details, and sophisticated suspense. The panels have a lot of energy, moving you through quickly, almost as if you are watching a film. My only complaint is that sometimes it feels that we are moving too quickly, without enough time to savor the creepy moments.

The grayscale art is a brilliant choice for the comic, and Sterle’s artistic style has a delightfully vintage feel with a modern twist. There is a lot of great panel variation, with moments both familiar—a kid riding a bike that has a light attached to it (hello Strangers Things, ET, etc.)—and surprising—a weird dream sequence involving a lot of bodies…and body parts.

Additionally, Sterle uses a different art style for each sister, and this really works to highlight their opposite personalities effectively. Finally, it’s worth applauding this comic for treating their characters like real people: people who use the bathroom, sleep, and yell at their dogs to “GO POOP!” Too often comic creators (and writers in general) forget to include those wonderful mundane details that readers relate to.

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Long Lost #1 is sophisticated Gothic horror with gorgeous art and fast-building suspense. This team deftly shows that you don’t need a lot of gruesome detail to make a good horror story; sometimes absence is even more terrifying. Long Lost #1 will arrive in comic shops November 29.

Anelise Farris
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