4 Kids Walk into a Bank #5

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Art: Tyler Boss
Flatting: Clare Dezutti
Letterer: Thomas Mauer
Publisher: Black Mask Studios

A review by Greg Brothers

A few years ago, I walked into the local shop that I go to and the owner handed me a book. I looked down and saw the title: 4 Kids Walk into a Bank. After flipping through the first few pages, I was sold. A few years later, here we are at the end of the journey with 4 Kids Walk into a Bank #5.

4 Kids Walk into a Bank #5 throws us right into the action as the kids are on the run. As with the previous four issues, what seems like the beginning of the story is not. The kids continue to prepare for their plan until it is time to rob the bank. Anything further will give too much away, so let’s move on.

Rosenberg’s writing here continues to be on point. There is the right amount of serious dialogue. Bu,t as you would expect with kids, much of the discussion breaks down to humor and silly conversations–even during the serious times. One such conversation involves the question of when exactly a car goes from being a car to a getaway car. If you are driving it to the crime, it’s just a car, but, as soon as you get in it to leave, it becomes the getaway car. Right?

The previous four issues have established these four kids as family. They fight, they bicker, they get mad, but, in the end, they are there for each other. Never is that truer than in 4 Kids Walk into a Bank #5. When the kids are at their lowest point, they are there–no matter what.

Boss’s art and layouts are a nice combination of traditional layouts and beautiful splash pages. The art style is a gritty crime-drama feel, but it includes dancing bears. The choice of disguises for the kids fits each of their personalities, and you cannot help but smile at them. Once again, the comic combines the seriousness with the child-like wonder and naivety of kids. The colors are bright, warm, and inviting. As the book comes to an end, the sun is literally setting in the background. It’s a small touch but brings the story to completion.

Verdict: Buy it!

Rosenberg wraps up the series beautifully with Four Kids Walk into a Bank #5. Everything you have come to expect from the creative team and these characters is represented here–including a nod to Star Wars. The end of the book, while surprising, represents the heart that has been in the series from day one. Rosenberg shows why he is one of the most highly regarded writers in comics today.

Gregory Brothers
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