4 Kids Walk Into a Bank #4
Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Artists: Tyler Boss, Clare Dezutti, Courtney Dezutti
Letters: Thomas Mauer
Publisher: Black Mask Studios

A review by David Hildebrand 

Has it been five months already? It seemed just like yesterday I read the third issue of 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank. Of course I’m gonna make a joke about the length of time we wait to get these issues in our needy hands! But this story is so damn good, so I would wait a year and eagerly pick this up as I did when I got my hands on it the other day. Rosenberg had situations come up and it unfortunately caused this great series a number of delays. However, I am very happy to say that 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank #4 is just as incredible as the previous issues!

4 Kids Walk Into a Bank #4 starts out in its signature fashion. The kids are acting out a fantasy with themselves being represented in fantasy character form. Although this time, it isn’t D&D and it isn’t for fun. This time the kids are acting out how they are going to rob the bank before a gang that just happens to include her father does, complete with candy! Paige desperately wants to rescue her father from the certain doom she is certain will fall upon him, getting caught and winding up in jail. The gang of thugs aren’t the brightest but her father owes it to them to help out in their caper.

The creative team behind 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank is the driving force behind this book. They all click so incredibly well together, playing off each other’s talents. Rosenberg has written a fantastic script that is not only full of humor, but also heart felt moments. The kids are a close knit family themselves. They are the musketeers, one for all and all for one. Although the main focus is on Paige, I find each of the kids being a vital part of the narrative and equally charming in their own riveting way. I paid a lot of attention to the way Boss constructed his panels in this issue. Combined with Mauer’s lettering, they pull of a crazy amount of panels on a page without looking too cluttered, with plenty of detail and still letting the story flow. Maybe it was just me, but Paige looked older in this issue. Perhaps mature is more appropriate but she looks different to me.

Buy it!
If you have invested yourself into the story like I have, then you are gonna want to pick up 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank #4. Yes, it has been awhile but you’re thrown right back into the mix and it gives you a great reason to go back and read issues 1-3 as a refresher on what has taken place in the past. If you are fairly new to the series and have heard all the praises, I hate to say that you should wait for the trade. I think that 4 Kids will make an outstanding trade to pick up and absorb the whole story in one go! 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank was one of my favorite books of last year, it is one of my favorites of this year. Only one issue to go! Please don’t make us wait until 2018!

Dave Hildebrand
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