Comicsbound 61: Comics! DragonCon! Magic School Bus, Star Wars and Aladdin!

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Insha gives us her recommendations for comics, Lan gets back from DragonCon, and we talk about the geeky, magical geek news of the day.

Comicsbound is:
Billy Seguire – @thebillyseguire
Lan Pitts – @pittsed_off
Insha Fitzpatrick – @benwyyatt
Comicsbound – @comicsbound


Billy Seguire
A Toronto-based writer and reviewer who thrives on good science-fiction and stories that defy expectations. Always tries to find a way to be excited about what he's doing. Definitely isn't just two kids in a trenchcoat. Co-Host of Scooby Dos or Scooby Don'ts.

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