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Lo and behold Old Xian has blessed us with a 19 Days Valentine’s Day special and the fandom cannot contain it’s excitement!! Nobody knew what it would be, was Old Xian going to continue with the story or would it be a special? Last years chapter was really cute, so how will they top it this year? Let’s find out…

Jian Yi and Zhang head to an expensive spa where their planning on meeting He Tian and Mo Guanshan (cute!). Whilst there they soak in the Hot Springs and attempt to decide what special massage they should try out…

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I loved this chapter!! I’m really happy that Old Xian set it in the future and it was a fluffy special (we can go back to the regular plot and angst next week). What we’ve got from this is that the boys are definitely still friends in the future, and that in itself is awesome enough, but what we also learnt is that He Tian has a VIP card to fancy hotels!! What job is he in? Did he follow his brothers footsteps and became a gangster or is he a successful (albeit bent) business owner?! We will never know…

It’s a shame Zhang is still frosty when it comes to his relationship with Jian Yi. Granted a prostate massage out of nowhere it’s really anyone’s cup of tea but he could be a bit more loving. At least Guanshan is definitely more relaxed (sort of) with He Tian, even though he has no idea what’s about to happen.

The boys look incredibly handsome when their older too. Look at Jian Yi, such a handsome bloke and look He Tian’s smile! Swoon!

Next Chapter: The next chapter will obviously be a continuation of the last chapter. How they’re going to continue it I have no idea. Still crossing my fingers that Guanshan will notice that He Tian isn’t in school and he goes to check up on him!!

You can read 19 Days here.

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