On Christmas Day, Old Xian blessed us all with official art of Jian Yi tied up with red ribbon in a very… submissive stance… and now Old Xian has treated us to a new chapter of 19 Days! Woohoo! In the last chapter the boys were leaving He Tian’s house where Zheng Xixi was distracted by Jian Yi’s soft skin (not like that you pervs!) and He Tian gave Mo Mo his jacket (!) and told him that he didn’t want to fight his problems by himself, cue the tears from our precious Mo Mo! So what have the boys been up to since? We have missed them so much!


In the first panel we see Zheng receiving a phone call from his sister who is telling him to hurry home, Jian Yi chimes in and asks why he never mentioned his sister when they were younger. Zheng says he never asked and that she lived with her grandma at the time. In the third panel Jian Yi seems a bit glum and says “If I don’t ask then you’ll never tell me…?” (I’ll come back to this later).

When they arrive to Zheng’s house they are greeted by his sister who asks about her gift. Zheng has clearly forgotten about this gift but tries to cover his tracks. But she sees right through him, begins crying, and runs to her room. His mother reminds him that it’s her birthday. He has clearly forgotten.

The next panel sees them outside her bedroom trying to get her out, she tells Zheng that he has changed and that he doesn’t care about her anymore. Zheng Xixi tells her that ‘Brother Jian Yi prepared a gift for you’, much to Jian Yi’s surprise. She comes out her room, snot dripping all over her face and asks him to give her the gift. Both Jian Yi and Zheng communicate to each other through expressions. Clearly having no idea what to do, Jian Yi grabs Zheng and dips him, telling his sister ‘we prepared a dance for you’. She slams the door in their face.



It’s been a while since I laughed out loud to one of these chapters. I’ve smiled, I’ve squealed, I’ve fangirled, and nearly cried but I haven’t laughed out loud to a chapter in a long, long time. The panel where he dips Zheng had me in absolute stitches. Everything about it was perfect! After all the angst and the cuteness and the canon ships, we needed something like this.

Now going back to the “If I don’t ask you’ll never tell me…” I think this means Jian Yi may ask about Zheng’s feelings or how he felt about the kiss. Maybe this will always be in his mind subconsciously now and he will eventually ask when the time comes of course. Obviously I missed He Tian and Guan Shan in this chapter but I can’t wait to see if they’re in the next one. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jian Yi and Zheng have the spotlight for a while. Old Xian has spoiled us with all the Tienshan chapters!

Until next time!

You can read 19 Days here!


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