Since I’ve been so busy with the Iris articles, I’ve unfortunately had to neglect 19 Days recaps, which means I’m slightly behind on the updates. Luckily I have found some time to write this little recap. In the last chapter, we saw Xiao joining Jian Yi and Zhang on their shopping date, where Zhang confesses how he feels about Jian Yi. What will happen in this chapter? Let’s find out.

Jian Yi and Zhang are still shopping with Xiao, who may see more than she’s expecting while Guanshan night takes another unexpected turn…

Thank Christ Jian Yi is tolerable in this chapter! He was beginning to get on my nerves in the last few chapters. In this one, he’s fine. I can put up with him here. I love his banana and plums t-shirt. I hope he buys it in the next chapter. I also love Xiao’s reaction to this top. She’s such a sweet character who is certainly going to become a Jian Yi and Zhang fangirl soon, I mean look at her reaction to the gel situation. She’s soo cute!! I hope we get to see a lot more of her character in upcoming chapters as I like this little trio. I also think she’s going to make a fantastic hag!!

I love the use of colour in this chapter! The red is eye-catching and looks soo vibrant next to the grey’s a white of the clothes. Colour wise it does stand out from other chapters.

Never have we seen He Tian so vulnerable. What happened back home must have been rough. We don’t really know that much about his backstory with his father. We only know his relationship with his brother. I’m sure him and Guanshan form a closer friendship he’ll eventually open up. Guanshan’s reaction was so sweet and so genuine. His face in the last panel looks soo concerned. He does care for him but more as a friend at this point.

Next Chapter: I think the next chapter will be focusing on He Tian and Guanshan since the last chapter was on Jian Yi and Zhang. I doubt it’ll be a school day chapter. I hope it’ll be a continuation of this ending.

You can read 19 Days here.

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