19 Days is back with a new chapter and the fandom as per usual is super excited. In the last chapter we saw the boys piling under Mo Guanshan’s umbrella to hide themselves from the rain. The last few chapters have been a delight to read so I cannot wait to see what happens next!

We’re picking up where we left off and the boys are finally dispersing. Whilst following Guanshan home (stalker much) He Tian notices him pining after a guitar in the shop window. When he gets home he tries to have a conversation with Guanshan who is busy on the toilet…

Well. WELL!! What a chapter!!! What a hilarious chapter!! Poor Mo Mo cannot quite catch a break can he?! He Tian’s dream has finally come true, although the last thing you want to see is someone sitting on the toilet however I feel that wasn’t where his focus was.

Is this the beginning of the boys starting a rock band of some sort?! In the past few months Old Xian has been creating official artwork of our boys in a rock band and Guanshan is portrayed as the guitarist! Poor Little Mo, I guess his mother couldn’t afford to get him a guitar when he was younger or he never had the opportunity to learn. We can all imagine how difficult it must be not being able to experience something your truly passionate about.

His face is in absolute awe of what he’s seen. He’s such a little pervert. However he is such a good kid, even with his short fuse.

He’s beautifully drawn in this chapter too. Already the fandom has produced some incredible work based on what I’m going to call his ‘wet look’.

Next Chapter:
I’m predicting that Old Xian will focus on Jian Yi and Zhang with their tarts or it’ll be a direct continuation of what we’ve just seen. The embarrassing aftermath of Tian seeing Guanshan on the toilet

You can read 19 Days here

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