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Old Xian is releasing new chapters at such speed that I can’t keep up with them properly! I’m slightly behind with my recaps so please bare with me as I try to keep up with 19 Days. Hopefully I’ll be up to date soon.

In the last chapter we saw Jian Yi and Zhang Xixi on a date, we think… if we’re being completely and utterly honest I have no idea what’s going on with those two. Hopefully the next chapter will answer a few questions…

Today’s chapter is focused on He Tian and Mo Guanshan!! Mo Guanshan is being scouted at this photography studio and He Tian cannot wait to inform him. When he tells Mo Guanshan that they’re looking for him, Mo Guanshan lets his guard down and tells him exactly how he feels…

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My favourites are back!!! The fandom predictions were correct too, they were scouting Mo Guanshan!! Our little fox is going to become a model!!! It’s clear here that He Tian has the best interest for little Mo and also, and I’m not sure if anyone in the fandom picked up on it, but Mo Mo is slowly but surely becoming more relaxed in He Tian’s presence and is opening up to him, which I believe He Tian becomes aware of in this chapter.

I also believe that He Tian is becoming aware that he hasn’t treated Mo well, especially when Mo tells him he hates being on display and it’s just as bad as being someone’s monkey. I feel like that was an epiphany moment for Mr Tian.

A few people in the fandom believe that He Tian is definitely taking Mo Mo to a hotel room. I doubt that. He is going to treat him to something but what I have no idea. Only time will tell!!

You can read 19 Days here.

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