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We’ve been blessed with another week of more 19 Days artwork! This time, the boys don their rockstar looks. Not only are we blessed with some official Jian Yi and Zhang artwork, but we some He Tian and Mo Guanshan artwork too! I’d be lying if I said I haven’t fallen in love with it! Look at their intense gaze! It’s such an amazing piece of art!

Old Xian released a statement this week due to the amount of unneeded pressure from the fandom. Old Xian became ill recently. The hardcore “fans” (I use that term very very lightly) demanded an update posting very abusive comments towards the author. That is totally out of line. Old Xian is a human being. She doesn’t draw solely for you!

Right, rant over, back to the manga itself! Last time we saw Jian Yi admitting his feelings to Zhang which were… reciprocated? I believe it’s open to discussion. What will this chapter bring us! The aftermath? Maybe that She Li chapter I’m adamant we’re going to have? Let’s find out…

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The chapter starts with He Tian calling Mo Guanshan who was supposed to meet him, and yet he’s half an hour late. He doesn’t listen to He Tian and hangs up on him whilst he’s in mid-sentence. He Tian makes it to Mo Guanshan’s house and forces him out of bed and to follow him. They end up at He Tian’s friend’s photography studio where Mo Guanshan has to help out.

He Tian needs to calm down with his behavior. He’s way too aggressive with little Mo Mo, apart from that, this is a really cute chapter! He looks so proud of Guanshan! This event is taking place on a Saturday. A few days have gone past (correct me if I’m wrong) since Zhang stayed over Jian Yi’s place. Does that mean they may have gone back to normal or will the next chapter be a ‘morning after’ sort of storyline?

I’ve given up on the idea of a She Li chapter. It’ll happen soon, but not quite yet. I believe if She Li is going to be in any future chapters, it’ll also have Jian Yi. I don’t think the fandom is ready for what I think will happen between them.

You can read 19 Days here.

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