After a two week break the very unpredictable Old Xian blessed us with a new chapter of 19 Days with Day 201! Huzzah! We’re currently focusing on the side characters He Tian and Mo Guanshan and, so far, it’s been cute a cute and fluffy storyline, a complete 180 from the angst we went through with the last Jian Yi and Zhang storyline.

So far, He Tian has decided to make himself comfortable in the Mo household. He’s given Guanshan a little gift which was thrown off the balcony. So, what’s happened since?

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Mo Guanshan and He Tian haven’t left their previous position. He Tian asks him to wear the earring next time and to find him. Guanshan who looks slightly lost with his current situation tries to tell him no when a knock occurs at the door. Elsewhere in the 19 Days universe, our lovable idiot Jian Yi is daydreaming about Zhang until a funny feeling begins occurring… down there… *wink*

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Okay, hands down, this is most certainly my favourite chapter thus far! That kick made by Guanshan can be described as a long time coming! The next panel was drawn so perfectly and I could not stop laughing! Look how stiff Guanshan is! It’s just so funny!

I do believe the next chapter will be the boys having dinner together. I think it’ll be a bittersweet moment since Tian never gets to eat with family. I will be surprised if it doesn’t get mentioned and I will definitely be surprised if Guanshan doesn’t soften to him… I believe this will be a ‘watch this space’ moment.

The Jian Yi part of the chapter is cute to begin with… then it just gets slightly weird. It’s funny but not the plot twist I was expecting. It’s nice to see him in a safe setting again and for that brief moment the black top doesn’t suit him. For me, the black top represents the gangster side of the whole manhua. The ones that wear the black top are He Tian and She Li, the bad guys of the whole book, not our cute little Jian Yi. I believe the next time we see Jian Yi will be after the whole family dinner chapter. I do believe with the next panel we might see Zhang at night time. One thing is for sure I cannot wait to see what happens next! I do love where the plot the going, it’s moving smoothly and nicely!

You can read 19 Days here!

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